Essays on Social Impacts of Multinational Corporations Report

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The paper "Social Impacts of Multinational Corporations" is an outstanding example of a business report. Although the government plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of social policy in improving the general quality of life of people, multinational corporations should play a significant role in the improvement of living standards for the global citizens. Typically, the debate about the need for multinational corporations to focus beyond their profit motives has continued over the years. Multinational corporations have social duties towards the government and the citizens and their operations tend to have social impacts.

The multinational corporation working condition survey was designed to collect information and data on the social impacts of multinational corporations. Secondary Research Multinational Corporations are believed to have economic and human rights impacts on the countries they are situated in. According to Khahid, (2006), multinational corporations have the responsibilities including creating a good relationship with the community, offering quality products, carry out social responsibility initiatives, considering the stakeholders in every decision made and conduct a transparent business. Khahid, (2006) argues that multinational corporations undermine human rights and negatively impact the development of the economy.

They do this by having an interest in maintaining their international power and in doing so, the companies keep down the social segment in order to preserve cheap labour and low expenditure. According to (Ahiakpor, 2015), governments are competing for multinational corporations due to the advantages they have on the economy. Khahid, 2006 detail that MNCs often tend to prioritize their economic goals over other social responsibilities that they are expected to adhere to. Debate on the social impacts of multinational corporations is rife with both positive responses and critical ones.

With regard to the optimistic views, MNCs contribute to increased GDP; improve living standards of citizens, and have a higher respect for human rights (Jabaar, 2004).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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