Essays on Social Networking: How Facebook Impacts on the Students Performance Research Paper

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The paper "Social Networking: How Facebook Impacts on the Student’ s Performance" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. The use of social networking sites has seen a huge jump as more and more people have started to use it. The different social networking sites which people use are Twitter, Facebook and so on. A look at the statistical data shows that around 90 million people use social networking sites out of which 85% are students and college goers (Hendrix, Chiarella, Hasman, Murphy, & Zafron, 2009). The rate at which social networking sites will increase the number of customers using the sites in the future and is estimated to be around 115 million users shortly. It has been seen that people use social networking sites for different reasons like news feed, personal updates, and socializing with people and purposes which people find fit.

This is backed by a finding which states that 49% of the students belonging to the age of 8 to 17 years look to use social networking sites and the purpose for which it is being used depends on the personal requirements of the people.

This brings forward a question regarding the manner social networking sites have impacted students and changed their academic performance and development? This also helps to develop a proposition and find out the manner in which communication is taking place between people within the people and the manner in which social networking sites are being used. This report presents the manner in which the performance of a student gets affected due to the use of social networking sites. This will also help to understand the manner in which the performance and development of students get affected in comparison to students who don’ t use social networking sites.

This will thereby help to develop strategies based on which the future strategy for the students can be developed. Literature Review Different studies conducted in the direction to find out the impact social networking sites have on the performance of students show mixed reactions. Baran (2010) carried out a research which brings forward the fact that the performance of a student using social networking sites like Facebook gets affected but also helps to create better social relations with the teacher (Baran, 2010).

The student can use these positive relations to further improve his carrier and can use social networking sites as a platform through which knowledge is shared thereby giving it an educational edge and will help to multiply the effectiveness of social networking sites. A research carried out by Churchill (2009) supports the claim as it puts forward the fact that using social networking sites in a productive manner will help to create an environment where the students can develop blogs and communicate positively (Churchill, 2009).

The students can use it as a platform where important posts related to their studies can be posted and the overall efficiency of the students can be improved.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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