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Humans encounter forms of persuasive speeches all the time. From scholarship essays, talking our friends into going somewhere, to lawyers giving their closing arguments in courts, we live in a world where persuasion forms part of our usual interaction. Yet persuasive speeches are not the most popular types of assignments with students, because picking a speech topic they care about proves such a challenge.

This article provides you with good persuasive speech examples, topics, sample essays, the correct speech outline, and other useful material that you can apply in your papers. Alternatively, you can order our personalized writing services.

Picking Is Difficult | Check Out These 100% Free Persuasive Speech Examples

We present you with examples that are bound to capture your reader’s attention. Since our topics are relevant to world events, your teacher will be impressed by your ability to comment on social issues. Picking a good speech topic presents a problem for most students. Check out the list with examples below.

  • Institutions with a certain minimum endowment should provide free tuition?
  • Should every person be forced to participate in environmental community cleanups?
  • Should texting and driving be banned?
  • Should students be allowed to choose which curriculum suits them?
  • Drones have made our aerospace security more vulnerable.
  • All babysitters should be qualified and have accreditation.
  • Zoos should not be allowed to keep animals other than those that are endangered.
  • Big data has greater risks than benefits.

We provide good topics for students at all levels of their education. Our speech topics are researchable, meaning they have credible sources that can back up your arguments. If you need more information about persuasive speeches, download a speech example or order a tailor-made paper from our service.

Free Persuasive Speech Downloads

It is always convenient to have several topics ready to derive inspiration from before you start a persuasive speech. With a professionally written persuasive speech sample, you’ll have a case study showing the applications of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and the required style format.

Here is a list of interesting persuasive speech topics in three important academic areas:


  1. The five biggest tech companies should be broken up into smaller companies in the spirit of anti-trust.
  2. Facebook has breached user privacy multiple times and should be shut down.
  3. The government is the biggest consumer of big data.
  4. Cryptocurrency, in its current state, can’t change the world financial system.
  5. Blockchain technology can be harnessed outside of cryptocurrency.


  1. A global health fund should be set up, and the biggest contributors to climate change should be the biggest donators to the fund.
  2. The WHO has been ineffective at combating global health problems.
  3. Constant administration of antibiotics has made it harder to combat diseases.
  4. Working out too early in life leads to an increased possibility of health problems later.
  5. Cigarette and alcohol advertisements should be banned from television altogether.


  1. The American electoral college should be abolished.
  2. The proposed border wall between the US and Mexico is a vanity project.
  3. The UK will be much stronger politically outside of the EU.
  4. Brexit has weakened the UK’s leverage in the world.
  5. Germany and Russia would have the strongest political union in the world.

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Lots of Free to Download Resources as Well

We give you access to a huge library of topic ideas. You can download these at no cost and replicate the work on your speech. Check out the examples below:

  • More money equals more happiness.
  • Governments have no say in the religious freedoms of their people.
  • Birth control pills have contributed to worse maternal health.
  • It should be mandatory for parents to participate in sex-ed classes.
  • Breastfeeding in public should be discouraged.

We have hundreds of contemporary topics, from animals and pets, reproductive health, immigration, humor, and sport.

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Get unlimited access to numerous thought-provoking essay examples to be used as a guide for your writing.  

Persuasive speeches with no emotional appeal to the reader generally have little effect. Therefore, keep the topic relevant to the reader. For example, a first-year student in high school would probably have little interest in a speech topic such as the need for the gold standard, as opposed to say one on the legal driving age. Relevance is the keyword.

Our examples of persuasive speeches cover a broad array of disciplines and topics and present an objective view of world affairs. Regardless of your academic level, you will find good use in our database of persuasive speech ideas that we avail or the professional help that our service provides.

How to Lay Out Your Persuasive Speech Outline

Before beginning to write, create a good outline of your speech on paper and then fill it in. Think critically about arguments both for and against your thesis and selectively choose which details to include or not.

Here’s the recommended outline of a persuasive speech:

The Correct Persuasive Speech Format

Persuasive speeches have a very specific structure. If you download or purchase any persuasive speech from our database, you’ll note that we adhere to the three rhetorical appeals in Aristotle’s school of debate.

The outline of these appeals:

  • ethos (need to establish writer credibility),
  • logos (the appeal to logic by presenting evidence and fact),
  • pathos (appeal to emotion).

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence guides the speech structure, with the sequence defined as:

  • Need: what is the problem at hand, and what authority do you have to comment on this field? For example, start with your name and title, like “A B.Tech. senior at Cardiff University.” This is ethos.
  • Satisfaction: Can you adequately address a problem with its specifics? Provide clear examples and not anecdotes. Use succinct language to show that you can compartmentalize the problem. Provide solutions with their specifics. Don’t paint abstract pictures as if to demagogue. This appeals to the reader’s logos.
  • Visualization: Now that you’ve established your credibility, addressed the problem with evidence, it’s time to show why your proposed solution has a vital impact that addresses the thesis. You can be optimistic or paint a grim picture. Either way, you want to appeal to the audience’s pathos.
  • Referencing: Since this is essentially a research project, you need to provide references.

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Plenty of Reasons to Use Our Persuasive Speech Samples

We have good speech topics covering both modern, contemporary, and social issues. We have topics on tech, wellness, art, the environment, politics, teen health, and science, among others. Our topics also provide an outlet to comment on trends worldwide.  

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How To Choose Interesting Persuasive Speech Topic Or Sample | Tips & Tricks

However, ubiquitous persuasion may be around us, translating this an actual persuasive speech with good examples is usually quite challenging. While arguments are often driven by unconscious sentiment, a persuasive speech requires solid arguments, facts, and astute presentation. Thus, before picking a persuasive speech topic, you have to think critically about how you will make your case.

Choose a topic that is relevant and one which will evoke passion in your readers. This is the first step to acing persuasive speeches. It is highly unlikely that you sit around, keeping a list of things you could write about for a persuasive speech. That’s where an informed topic from our database comes in handy. We provide hundreds of categorized topics, making it easier for you to pick an example you like, in a field that you would like.

Persuasive speeches should appeal to emotion and logic. Many people can achieve this in normal conversations but would struggle to write the same out. Therefore, choose from our persuasive speech examples something captivating.

Speech or Presentation

Alibaba, Trade-India, and - Benefits of Trading Online
The paper  “Alibaba, Trade-India, and  - Benefits of Trading Online”  is a pertinent example of an e-commerce presentation. List, in separate columns, the benefits and costs of using sites like Alibaba’s to trade internationally.  What does your analysis say to companies like Grieve (in our opening case) as they think about their export strategy?…
Read Text
Sales Presentation of Just Cook Limited to McDonalds
The paper “Sales Presentation of Just Cook Limited to McDonald’s ” is a valuable example of a business presentation. The current paper would focus on formulating a sales presentation related to a kitchen equipment company, Just Cook Limited, for a potential customer, McDonald’s. It would reflect on the pattern in which the kitchen equipment company would present the merchandise. …
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Speaker Notes on Quality and Standard
This paper "Speaker Notes on Quality and Standard" is an impressive example of a Finance & Accounting presentation. It reveals the notes on the slides discussing how the Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service must comply with the Fire and Rescue Service Act 2004 and create their own Integrated Risk Management Plan.…
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Installation of Fire Sprinkler System
The paper "Installation of Fire Sprinkler System" is a perfect example of a speech/presentation on management. The aim is to enhance community safety by encouraging the installation of sprinklers in homes of those considered most at risk like the elderly and physically and emotionally disabled. The objectives are to develop an effective way of encouraging people to install sprinklers.…
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The Melbourne Football Club FC Sponsorship Proposal Submitted to Coca-Cola Company
The paper “The Melbourne Football Club FC Sponsorship Proposal Submitted to Coca-Cola Company” is a bright variant of the presentation on marketing. The Melbourne City Football Club (MCFC) has an exemplary reputation both in the domestic and international platforms as football is concerned.…
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Fire Safety Strategy
The paper “Fire Safety Strategy” is a persuasive example of the presentation on management. The Fire Strategy incorporates four phases. Each phase will have huge features and requirements that have to be accomplished. The construction site GA will house five Thrifty Class boats. The cost of construction of one unit is estimated at £960,000,000.…
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Future Market Share for Electric Vehicles
The paper “Future Market Share for Electric Vehicles” is a cogent variant of the presentation on marketing. This report is focused on examining the development of the electric car industry and is solely directed towards Bayford Volkswagen Camberwell; a major car dealer in the country. It is meant to give a possible future direction of the overall growth and possible changes in the industry.…
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Financial Management Approaches
The paper “Financial Management Approaches ” is a meaningful example of the presentation on finance & accounting. In order to enhance the financial planning of the company, we must create a model for strategic planning that requires to be met efficiently by the company. The first step is examining the budget as well as financial plans.…
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Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators
The paper “Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators” is a comprehensive variant of the presentation on finance & accounting. Direct Costs are those which can be directly traced to cost objects. Most direct costs are variable even though it may not be the case all the time. Examples of direct costs include wages incurred during production and the costs of materials.…
Read Text
Organising a Graduation Celebration Meeting in a Diploma Place
The paper “Organising a Graduation Celebration Meeting in a Diploma Place” is an impressive variant of the presentation on management. The committee in charge of organizing for the graduation ceremony at the University of Cambridge will be responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the program.…
Read Text
Celebratory Event Portfolio
The paper “Celebratory Event Portfolio” is a persuasive variant of the presentation on management. Our events company provides excellent event organizing services to a wide range of clients. The business consists of four members who work in different specialties. The team is composed of a Dj, the event’s organizer and designer, the caterer, and an individual in charge of security.…
Read Text
Digital Marketing - Vinomofo Company's Website against Vintage Cellars
The paper “Digital Marketing - Vinomofo Company’s Website against Vintage Cellars“ is a  worthy variant of a presentation on marketing. Slide 2 presents the cover page of this presentation. The aim of this presentation is to analyze Vinomofo Company’s website against Vintage cellars one of its main competitors in the Australian market.…
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Key Differences between HR Management in the Private and Public Sectors
The paper "Key Differences between HR Management in the Private and Public Sectors” is an affecting example of speech on human resources. Human Resources Manager: Good morning Mr. Richardson Kevin and welcome to the department, you requested this meeting to discuss some of the key differences between HR management in the private and public sectors?…
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Human Resource Management in the Public and Private Sectors
The paper “Human Resource Management in the Public and Private Sectors” is a brilliant example of speech on human resources. Human Resources Manager: Good morning Mr [John Bruno] and welcome to the department, you requested this meeting to discuss some of the key differences between HR management in the private and public sectors?…
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Centralized and Decentralized Data Processing Systems
The paper “Centralized and Decentralized Data Processing Systems” is an informative example of the presentation on information technology. The paper describes information technology software that is used by the firms in their department. This software remains an important area as they enhance the communication system, within the departments and with their customers.…
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How an Interview Package Should Be Planned and How the Package Guides the Entire Interview
The paper “How an Interview Package Should Be Planned and How the Package Guides the Entire Interview” is a  creative example of the presentation on human resources. The interview will be conducted in the main boardroom and will be facilitated by the Human Resource Manager with the help of two assistants and the general manager.…
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The Aspect of Leadership in the Management of Fire and Rescue Organizations
The paper “The Aspect of Leadership in the Management of Fire and Rescue Organizations” is a motivating example of a presentation on management. Fire and Rescue Services in the U.K are basically one of most essential organizations, therefore it is vital that the management system be very effective and efficient in the overall performance and management of emergencies.…
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The Letter to the Executive Management or the Board of Directors on Change of Pepsi's Game Ad Campaign
The paper “The Letter to the Executive Management or the Board of Directors on Change of Pepsi's Game Ad Campaign” is a breathtaking variant of speech on marketing. It's important to bring into your notice the change in the game ad campaign on YouTube may be a threat to future campaigns. This is due to the fact that the campaign seems too uploaded on the internet even though it is copyrighted.…
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Outline the characteristics of home ownership and real estate as investment options
A Summary of How a Comprehensive Financial Plan Contributes to my Financial Security No: A Summary of How a Comprehensive Financial Plan Contributes to my Financial Security In this fast paced world, one has to secure her/his future financially. To…
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Forecasting nventory
Topic:  Forecasting Inventory Forecasting is an important part of decision making. The research focuses on using SPSS and Excel to arrive at the trend line generated from the 2007 to 2010. The research focuses on estimating the projected inventory…
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Mod2 SLP: Financial decision making
Question S= 3800000 S= Future Value P= ? P= Present Value r= 5% r= interest rate t yr t= time S=P rt) 3800= P 0.05 P= $3619 Question#2Account A Account B S= 4100 S= 5500 P= ? t= 2 yrs t= 1 yr P= ? r= 5% r= 5% S=P(1+rt) S=P(1+rt) 4100= P(1+(0.05)(1))…
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Answer the question
Math problem and micro economics Question one Labor demand is given by w=32-0.2E Number of workers E= 30 million in Arizona Number of immigrants = 5million Solution a) Market clearing wage if the immigration is not allowed We know that w=32-0.2E…
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Estimating the demand analysis of fast food meals
Demand Estimation: Combination Meals due Demand Estimation: Combination Meals Question a The quantity of combination 1 meals demanded per week depends on the meal’s price and advertising expense. Therefore the model can be specified as: Where Q is…
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Asking for a Sponsorship for Photo Society Group
The paper "Asking for a Sponsorship for Photo Society Group" is a wonderful example of a speech or presentation on business. We are the Photo Society group of the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro and our goal is to help students in photography to become more successful in their studies.…
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The Need for Noosa Yoghurt Company to Sustain Continuous Growth
The paper "The Need for Noosa Yoghurt Company to Sustain Continuous Growth" is a great example of a speech or presentation on business. This presentation addresses the need for Noosa Yoghurt Company to sustain continuous growth by persuading small retailers to sell its products. Noosa yogurt is increasingly becoming the best choice for customers craving healthy snacks and healthy living.…
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