The Art of Picking Persuasive Speech Topics

Are you in a position where you need to figure out the perfect topic for your persuasive speech?  It isn’t easy. With so many good persuasive speech topics out there, no one would blame you for being at a loss on which one to settle for. That is where this guide will come in handy. By the end, you should be able to identify the best subject to address in your presentation. That way whether it is for a public address or your debate class, you will have the hardest part of your persuasion address out of the way.

What Exactly Is This Speech Type?

Before we go into details on how to choose persuasive speech topics, it is important to understand the persuasive speech definition. This is a form of oral presentation whose content is geared towards convincing audiences of a certain point of view. The style is common in debates and general speech delivery. There are three types of persuasive speeches. The categories are based on the content and purpose of the address. Here are the three variations.

  • Factual speech

These speeches are as black and white as it gets. They have a true-vs-false format where the conclusion is drawn from facts. An example here would be a speech on whether or not a man landed on the moon. To support your stance, you would have to describe hard facts and evidence.

  • Value speech

These speeches, on the other hand, are based on beliefs and personal opinion. Unlike the factual speeches, you do not need facts to convince your audience. You need to appeal to them emotionally to get them to see your point of view. An example of a value speech is a discussion of whether long-term immigrants should be granted resident status. There is truly no right or wrong stance. It is just about who presents their case better and in a more convincing way.

  • Policy speech

Finally, there is the policy speech that is often one-sided. What this means is that there is no directly opposing point of view. As you deliver the speech, your aim is to make recommendations that would promote change. A good example here would be a speech on the importance of going green and recycling.

What Makes a Persuasive Speech Great?

An articulate speech for persuading relies on many things, not just the content. It is about everything from the subject matter and structure to the emotions evoked. Here are a few tips on how to make your speech stand out and successfully convince your audience of your point of view.

  • Pick great topic

This applies to situations where you have been tasked with the responsibility of choosing what to talk about. There are many different persuasive speech ideas out there for you to choose from. However, the variety is not always a good thing as you will often be spoilt for choice. We will take you through a bit more on your to settle on the best persuasive speech topics for college students, high school or any other platform.

  • Thorough research

Research is very important as it helps you support your ideas with confidence. Even with easy persuasive speech topics, you cannot afford to wing it and go with boring old facts that everyone and their neighbor are familiar with. Go out of your way to gather unique bits of information that will give your speech an edge.

  • Real world examples

When delivering your oration, it is always a good idea to include relatable instances to support your position. These examples make it a lot easier for your audience to understand what you are talking about. It also increases the chances of being convinced as they see it more as a real possibility than a vague idea.

  • Numbers are worth more than words

Another characteristic of a good convincing speech is the presence of statistics. This is especially the case with factual speeches. However, they also come in handy with the other two varieties. Supporting your ideas with stats gives your point of view legitimacy that no other form of evidence will deliver.

  • Confidence in position

You cannot convince people of something that you are not sure about. It is therefore super important to be confident in whatever side you choose. You will appreciate the effects of this attitude mainly with value persuasion speeches.

  • An understanding of both sides of the argument

The best persuasive speech topics are those with substantial content on either side of the argument. If you settle for such an option, you had better be ready to defend your side. The best way to do this is to understand both standpoints. This will help you anticipate points of contention and adequately prepare a rebuttal. 

  • Countering opposing points indirectly

When delivering a presentation orally with the aim of persuasion, a great trick would be to counter your opponent’s arguments indirectly. It is a better approach than waiting for them to ask questions which you then have to respond to. Exhausting all your arguments during your delivery is an especially useful tactic if your persuasion speech is for a debate session.

  • A target-specific presentation

Know your audience; that is the most important secret to success with any speech delivery. With persuasion addresses, in particular, understanding your target is important as it allows you to pick relevant examples. Take the example of a value speech on the global effects of war. When talking to a crowd of the elderly, mentioning World War II and the Iraq war will hit close to home. With a younger audience, examples of the Syrian war would be more appropriate. Do you now see how much your audience will influence your speech?

  • Great flow and structure

Strictly speaking, there is no fixed persuasive speech outline. However, this should not be used as an excuse for poor content flow. For the most part, it is advisable to start with an engaging introduction, present your points, counter any arguments and conclude. That shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Interactive delivery

Finally, a great speech for persuading is delivered interactively. Getting your audience to feel like they are contributing is a good way to get them to agree with you. You can achieve this by including rhetorical questions in content. These challenge them to think for themselves and hopefully arrive at the same conclusion as you.

How to Choose Good Persuasive Speech Topics

As previously stated, the subject you choose to present is very important. There are very many persuasive speech topics for college, high school, and general addresses. This makes settling on one a little harder than you may think. Fortunately, there are a few considerations you can make that will help you arrive at the best choice for you. Here are a few characteristics that all good topics have.

  • Provokes interest in the audience

Remember that after all is said and done, it is the audience’s opinion that determines whether or not you did a good job. It is therefore always a good idea to go with a theme that will get them interested. Funny persuasive speech topics, controversial subjects, and emotional matters are truly the best way to go.

  • Covers opinions you are passionate about

As much as it is important to choose interesting persuasive speech topics for your crowd, you need to make sure that you are also fascinated by the subject. This makes it easier for you to come up with points to support your argument.

  • Hasn’t become a cliché

Despite the abundance of oral presentation topics, people still make the common mistake of going for the same old options. There are numerous famous persuasive speech subjects you may have already considered from discussions on capital punishment to anti-war speeches. While these bear the benefit of being interesting, they have been worn out from use. So think outside the box and choose a topic that is not a cliché.

  • Numerous arguable points

Another trait of a good topic is that it should have many discussion points. It is also best to go for those whose different arguments bear equal weight. The last thing you want is to settle on a matter with one good point and nine empty ones.

  • Presence of relevant examples

Relevant oral presentation example situations are very important. This applies equally to all three types of persuasion speeches. 

  • Should be able to influence current events

Finally, consider going with a topic that contributes to current events. A great example would be a persuasive speech about bullying. This strikes a chord with many people and will increase your chances of getting the audience on your side.

Let Us Help You with Articulate Persuasive Speech Examples

With these tips and guidelines, it should not be too hard for you to come up with good persuasive speech examples. If you need a little help with this or with coming up with the content, we are ready to assist. You can get anything from a persuasive speech sample for inspiration to a persuasive speech outline example for further guidance on how to write your own. We also have experienced professionals ready to do the writing for you. All you have to do is place an order, specify your position and we will do the rest. So reach out and let us help you. You will not regret it.

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