Essays on The Level of Customer Satisfaction of Anitas Kitchen Restaurant Research Proposal

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The paper "The Level of Customer Satisfaction of Anita’ s Kitchen Restaurant " is a good example of a management research proposal.   The purpose of this research study was to understand what aspects of the restaurant drive customer satisfaction and where it can be improved as many new restaurants are being opened with intensified competition hence the need for Anita Kitchen Restaurant to constantly look to evaluate and improve their restaurant’ s branding to the customer. A descriptive research design was employed with the study population comprised of Anita’ s Kitchen Restaurant customers who dine out in any restaurant once a week, or more, and who live in Birmingham.

The data was collected and analyzed using SPSS. The main finding of the study was that the consumer’ s lifestyles measures that impact customer’ s satisfaction is that; (1) consumers often try new and different things, (2) people come to them more often than they go to them for information about products, (3) friends and neighbors often come to them for advice about products and brands, (4) when they see a new product in stores they often want to buy it and they often try new products before their friends and neighbours do. Regarding customer perceptions of Anita’ s Restaurant that impacts satisfaction, the respondents agreed that they generally provide large size portions off its menu, offers fresh food, offers food of excellent taste, have knowledgeable employees, proper food temperature and provide quick service.

Thirdly, how the customer relationship/loyalty affects their satisfaction, respondents gave slight satisfaction with the restaurant, indifferent with regards to likely return, slight dissatisfaction to likely recommend and indifferent in respect to frequency of patronage of Anita’ s kitchen restaurant.

Lastly, the factors that are important to customers with regards to restaurant choice, price and food quality were rated as important choices for choosing a restaurant of choice with means. However, atmosphere and restaurant services were listed as less important. 1.0 Background of the Study Anita’ s kitchen restaurant was first established in Birmingham, the UK in 2005. The restaurant serves foods of different ethnic origins, in particular, Indian, Thai, Chinese and Italian foods. It is well located on Broad Street, the most popular street for dining, drinking and entertainment. Customer traffic is high but competition is intense.

The restaurant concept is based on the provision of a wide array of popular ethnic foods, cooked in an open kitchen so customers can see and smell their food as it is made. Customers can eat as much as they like at a fixed price. The interior emphasizes the food’ s exotic heritage by displaying maps, pictures and ingredients from the countries of origin throughout the setting. It aims to offer a fun, festive atmosphere. It is brightly lit and bustling with activity. Fast and friendly service is also part of the restaurant’ s appeal.

The target customers are mainly young professionals, university students and families looking for an enjoyable meal at affordable prices. Many new restaurants have opened and aware that competition is intensifying Anita is constantly looking to evaluate and improve her restaurant’ s offering to the customer. 2.1 Objective of the Study The main objective of this research study is to better understand what aspects of the restaurant drive customer satisfaction and where it can be improved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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