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The paper "State of the Art in Entrepreneurship Literature" is a wonderful example of an essay on business. Entrepreneurship has undergone major changes over time. Numerous articles have been written to indicate the changes over time to guide entrepreneurs and scholars in decisions and other directions to take in the course of their ventures into entrepreneurship. Further, entrepreneurship has widened to include other fields that before were not regarded as part of entrepreneurship. It is imperative to note that the change in the way entrepreneurship is viewed is due to the changing economic times.

In the course of learning about entrepreneurship, individuals are equipped with the necessary skills in business and all other aspects related to business (Braunerhjelm 23). The world has experienced numerous changes in terms of the economy. With fluctuations in the economy, where different economies experience recession and depression and in other times have boom periods, it has become imperative to include methods that business establishments can adopt to protect themselves from harsh economic times and to be prepared for the economic boom periods. This is covered in the recent articles regarding entrepreneurship.

In order to develop policies that would be effective in practice and support entrepreneurship, it has become increasingly important to look into the existing knowledge about the effects of activities in entrepreneurship and the determinants of entrepreneurial activity (Lundstrom & Lois, 12). It is common knowledge that entrepreneurship is a fragmented, multidisciplinary, and vast field. Therefore, there is a growing need to gather adequate information, keenly assess such information, and come up with a well-structured and articulate synthesis of the existing research on entrepreneurship. This is important in the provision of solid knowledge in the existing forms of entrepreneurship.

Merging this body of information with the emerging trends in entrepreneurship will form the basis of this paper, as it seeks to define and analyze the relevant existing information and combine it with new information to come up with an updated view into entrepreneurship (Braunerhjelm 33). The late 20th century saw the greatest developments in research on entrepreneurship, with more scholars paying more attention to the matter.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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