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September 10, Summary: “Fully Training Your Food and Beverage Staff While Reducing Turnover” The article en d“Fully Training Your Food and Beverage Staff WhileReducing Turnover” written by Craig Pendleton disclosed relevant information, specifically common issues and concerns that besiege the food and beverage (F&B) department within a casino-based industry. The common problems that were revealed included: (1) the nature of the food and beverage sector being categorized more as service-focused, in contrast to being a profit-based endeavor; (2) the complexity in operations within food and beverage operations which include “manufacturing, service, marketing and sales” (Pendleton 34); (3) employment preferences select F&B positions least due to perception of hard work; (4) personnel hired in F&B positions were deemed to lack preferences to undergo traditional classroom approach training; (5) promotions were reported to be based primarily on performance and not on leadership ability; (6) trend of high turnover rates associated with F&B rendering investments for training futile; (7) lack of understanding by personnel of F&B on the mission of the organization (casino); (8) outdated training materials; and (9) lack of knowledge and competencies of HRM staff regarding F&B operations. The author recommended the following courses of action to address the identified concerns: (1) explicitly state and communicate the mission and vision statements of the casino to members of the F&B department; (2) a more comprehensive training program should be designed to cater to the needs, demands, competencies, and skills of F&B staff; (3) HR department should have a personnel who is competent and qualified on F&B operations to assist in the design of training materials, programs, and career pathing for its staff; and (4) promotions and performance evaluation should be designed based on standards, as well as abilities and aptitudes (Pendleton).

Overall, Pendleton emphasized that the F&B department is a crucial part of the operations of a casino. Therefore, to ensure that F&B personnel perform in the most effective and efficient manner, proper training and development should be accorded, as consistent with the mission and vision of the organization. Likewise, to address the evident high turnover rate, the personal and professional growth of F&B personnel should be aptly taken in due consideration. Work CitedPendleton, Craig.

"Fully Training Your Food and Beverage Staff While Reducing Turnover. " Indian Gaming (2003): 34-35. http: //www. indiangaming. com/istore/May13_Pendleton. pdf.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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