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Investigation of Current and Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
The paper "Investigation of Current and Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism" is an outstanding example of tourism coursework. This is an essay that seeks to find current trends in hospitality and tourism. Hospitality and tourism are two terms that occur together and that rely on each other. Tourism has to depend on hospitality for its success.…
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Sustainability in Tourism, Unequal Guest-Host Relationships
The paper 'Sustainability in Tourism, Unequal Guest-Host Relationships" is a perfect example of tourism coursework. Tourism, from the social point of view, is the process in which people from different cultural, economic and social context gain social contact. Relationships are bound to be developed from these social encounters and their nature and sustainability are dependent on a number of factors.…
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Economic Impact on Tourism in Asia
The paper "Economic Impact on Tourism in Asia" is a great example of a report on tourism. In the new millennium, the Asia Pacific region is most probably going to be identified as the leading region worldwide that is getting the greatest revenue from the tourist industry. In the past few years, the tourist arrivals and receipts have been rising so rapidly in Asia than in any other place.…
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Kangaroo Island - Policy, Planning and Development for Tourism
The paper 'Kangaroo Island - Policy, Planning and Development for Tourism" is a good example of a tourism case study. This paper will seek to find and highlight ways in overall policy, planning and development of tourism are to be formulated and implemented in a sustainable manner. It will seek to establish the role of various players in the tourist sector in playing their part in their coordinated efforts.…
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Emergence of Ecotourism
The paper "Emergence of Ecotourism" is a wonderful example of a report on tourism. Ecotourism has emerged as an important sector towards ensuring sustainable and ethical tourism and it shares many characteristics associated with adventure tourism. It takes place in unspoiled natural areas and thus it is a form of tourism that seeks to conserve the environment.…
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Cultures and Organisations or Software of the Mind
The paper 'Cultures and Organisations or Software of the Mind' is a perfect example of a Tourism Assignment. Tourism has been an important aspect of societies across the world. However, it is also responsible for a number of negative gains to the culture of these societies. This question focuses on the effects of tourism on the culture and society of Tana Toraja.…
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A Tourist Itinerary Made by Rosevine Travel Agency for Two Australian Couples
The paper 'A Tourist Itinerary Made by Rosevine Travel Agency for Two Australian Couples " is a good example of a tourism case study. The tourism industry is one of the subsectors that contribute to a large portion of most countries’ GDP. The tourism sector mostly involves the provision of services that must be tailored to the needs of each individual traveller (Choi, Murray & Kwan 2011).…
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Positive and Negative Impacts of Tourism in the 21st Century
The paper 'Positive and Negative Impacts of Tourism in the 21st Century" is a perfect example of tourism coursework. Today, tourism is one of the largest and dynamically developing sectors of external economic activities. Its high growth and development rates, considerable volumes of foreign currency inflows, infrastructure development, and introduction of new management and educational experience actively affect various sectors of the economy.…
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Online Travel Agencies in the UK
The paper “Online Travel Agencies in the UK” is a forceful variant of the report on tourism. The UK online travel agency is termed as one of the largest in the world as well as the most dynamic this is in terms of the market share it occupies. There are a number of online travel agencies in the UK thus making competition stiff.…
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Natural Features and People of Peru
The paper "Natural Features and People of Peru" is a great example of a tourism case study. Peru, a state in South America is famous for scenic features most preferred by tourists from all parts of the globe. It has many islands like Amantani, Isla Del Sol, Peru and Capachica among others. Earlier, communities living in Peru were more conservative and reserved in their cultures.…
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Features of Natural Environment in Ghana, Which Attracts Tourists
The paper “Features of Natural Environment in Ghana, Which Attracts Tourists” is a provoking example of the case study on tourism. Ghana is among the unique tourist destinations in Africa. It is competitive not only in Africa but also in the whole world. It has a rich coastal history because of the slave trade that took place several centuries ago.…
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Tourism - Food, Wine, and Festivals
The paper “Tourism - Food, Wine, and Festivals” is a pathetic example of the case study on tourism. This essay will examine the Melbourne food and wine festival that takes place annually. It will tackle issues such as industry involvement, environmental impacts, economic impacts, community involvement, and cultural impacts.…
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Food and Wine Festivals and Their Contribution to Destination Tourism
The paper "Food and Wine Festivals and Their Contribution to Destination Tourism" is an outstanding example of a tourism literature review. Festivals can affect the perception of a place amongst the people thus creating an image for destination tourism. Various festivals are discussed as cases that highlight social wellbeing, economic impact, industry involvement and gastronomic tourism sustainability.…
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Ten UK Travel System Quality Programs - Market Conditions and Competitive Environment
The paper “Ten UK Travel System Quality Programs - Market Conditions and Competitive Environment ” is an intriguing example of the case study on tourism. In the evaluation of the Customer Quality program, I have chosen ten UK and chosen to study the customer quality program of the travel business system.…
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How Significant is any Process of Cultural Homogenization
The paper 'How Significant is any Process of Cultural Homogenization' is a great example of a Tourism Essay. Globalization can be defined as the act of selling goods and services without any restrictions. It is a form of free trade whereby countries have been confined in a village market whereby trade takes place without any restrictions. It is the issue of globalization.…
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International Tourism in Mexico
The paper “International Tourism in Mexico” is a creative example of the essay on tourism. International tourism is defined as the activity of people visiting or touring other foreign countries and destinations outside their home country for purposes of leisure. One of the countries in the Asia Pacific region which is a major tourist destination in the world is Mexico.…
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Tourism Sector in the Asian Countries
The paper "Tourism Sector in the Asian Countries" is a great example of a case study on tourism. There are so many countries that are catering to medical tourists in the world. The aim of this case study is to find out the situation of the medical tourism sector in Asian countries. In addition, the case study will find out the competitive advantage that some countries have over others in Asia.…
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International Tourism Travel Trends
The paper "International Tourism Travel Trends" Is a wonderful example of a Tourism Case Study. Tourism is now seen as an affordable commodity to be enjoyed by all those who choose to engage in a variety of leisure pursuits. The prospects for continued economic growth underpin the World Tourism Organizations (WTO) 2020 forecasts of sustainable tourism growth in South America. …
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Religious Tourism - Pilgrimage, Mecca the Hajj, the Wailing Wall, the Harmandir Sahib
The paper “Religious Tourism – Pilgrimage, Mecca the Hajj, the Wailing Wall, the Harmandir Sahib” is an impressive example of the essay on tourism. Religious tourism can also be referred to as faith tourism that entails individuals or a group of believers traveling for missionary, pilgrimage, and fellowship leisure purposes.…
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Tourism Package Operations
The paper “Tourism Package Operations” is a fascinating example of an essay on tourism. The tourism and travel industry is currently undergoing structural change due to advancements in technology and consumer demand as the key drivers in travel retail. However, the tour operators and retail agencies still feel that their role in the industry is very important regardless of the unavoidable changes.…
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Cancun Car Rental in Mexico
The paper 'Cancun Car Rental in Mexico" is a good example of a tourism case study. This paper shall give a complete overview of why Cancun, Mexico is an ideal tourist destination. It shall cover all the push and pull factors as well as motivation which attracts tourists. International tourism becomes an essential economic activity in Mexico after world war11.…
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The Role of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to Tourism in the Melbourne
The paper "The Role of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to Tourism in the Melbourne" is a great example of a tourism case study. Food is a big business all over the world and it has been the case in Australia. Julia Tum, Philippa Norton, J. Nevan Wright states that the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a unique event which is operating on a not for profit basis.…
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How Different Types of Cultural Tourism Products Present Different Levels of Authenticity
The paper 'How Different Types of Cultural Tourism Products Present Different Levels of Authenticity" is a great example of tourism coursework. Cultural tourism is not a new phenomenon and has existed since ancient times. Different cultural groups would travel from place to place and the main reason for travel in the ancient times was trade and pilgrimage.…
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Tourism in Peru
The paper 'Tourism in Peru " is an outstanding example of a tourism case study. In this particular case, we are going to concentrate on tourism in Peru within its widely known tourist cities such as Cusco and in particular Machu Pichu. In Peru tourism is a symbol of national pride, despite the fact that Cuzco is Peru’s capital it is also one of the world’s major tourist attractions, foreign tourists have continuously been flocking.…
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Strength and Weakness of Dubai Tourism
The paper 'Strength and Weakness of Dubai Tourism" is a good example of a tourism case study. The global economy has entered a growth phase whereby which certain sectors has been witnessing unprecedented growth and to leverage the present day’s consumers buying and spending habits, a certain amount of management strategy should be there to cash on it.…
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