Essays on Obamas 2014 State of the Union Address Article

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The paper "Obama’ s 2014 State of the Union Address" is a delightful example of an article on social science. On Jan. 28, President Barrack Obama delivers the Union address; key points of his address are summarized as per the following.   The President Obama vociferously describes his governments achievements and future challenges that the nation is likely to face. On an employment front, the current situation has improved dramatically registering the lowest unemployment rate in the span of around five years. Construction activities are on up swing and manufacturing sector is reviving to add jobs in the US market.

Oil dependency has reduced significantly because the US now produces more oil breaking the production record of last 20 years. Budgetary deficits are down by over 50 percent. Investments in the US are increasing surpassing China. Current year is a breakthrough year as described by Obama in the sense that the US is now on a recovery path after a long recession. He is sure that hopes and aspirations of the US people will be fulfilled this year. On an education front, he is committed to restore the education budget that was pruned last year.

He does not miss to mention in his speech that inequality has widened and still a huge proportion of people are out of job and struggling due to tight market situation. He is quite optimistic to reverse this phenomenon as he offers several practical proposals to provide strength and new opportunities to middle class. On higher education front, over 150 universities, businesses and NGOs have decided to come together making their commitments to provide equal opportunity for higher education so that no dedicated kid is denied access to college.

He makes a special mention of redesigning high schools to be associated with employers so that hands-on training can lead students to a job. On higher education, the tuition fee loan payments will get restricted to 10 percent of students income. That is how students need to be helped from getting trapped by education loan debt. The US is on verge of energy independence as much lesser oil will be imported from the foreign countries this year because of the rising production trend of natural gas within the country.

Not only that but also the US is going to be one of the leading producer of solar energy. Clean energy will keep on replacing other fossil-fuel based energy alternatives and tax benefits will not be available to fossil fuel industry. He does admit that climate change has now become a most potent threat to the nation and clean energy will help mitigate environmental disasters. Bringing down childhood obesity rates as one of the lowest in thirty years is indeed a remarkable achievement that he does not forget to mention.

This will have a cascading effect on future healthcare costs. Necessary healthcare reforms will be done through the Affordable Care Act that has already been enacted. Under this, nearly three million Americans under age 26 will get coverage within their parents plans. Moreover, no American will be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition such as cancer, asthma or other disease. A patent reform bill is essential to safeguard numerous companies to continue with innovation. Similarly, he admits that immigration reforms are necessary as it will boost American economy and will reduce the US deficits by $1 trillion.

On social front, women do not get equal pay check as their counterparts. He asks for fair workplace policies and appeals Congress, businesses to come together to find a solution on this national issue. He also promises to enhance a minimum wage to at least $10 an hour through an executive for all employees working with federal contractors. Finally, he ends his speech on optimistic tone, "If we work together; if we summon what is best in us. ..with our feet planted firmly in today but our eyes cast towards tomorrow, I know its within our reach".  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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