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Essays on Summary of the creative business idea The origins of the idea, the idea selection process, and the purpose of the business, what need the business will satisfy. Any other relevant information Research Proposal

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Trimedge Lawn Experts Members of the group and their roles Member group secretary and operations manager Member 2-group chairperson and field research manager Member 3-group treasurer and data manager Summary of the Business Idea My neighborhood is an expansive estate with ample gardens and lawns planted around the homesteads. The estate dwellers and my neighbors, probably due to cultural influence of the estate, have maintained natural hedges surrounding their homesteads. Perhaps due to natural hedge’s aesthetic feeling it brings to a homestead when nicely trimmed could be a reason for the estates’ choice of natural hedges, while some very old dwellers that have lived in the estate for a longtime say that the choice of natural hedges was as a sign of environmental friendliness and support for environmental conservation.

To remain beautiful, a homestead requires a regular trimming of its hedges, and constant mowing of the lawns. Most of the families rarely have time for this, as folks have increasingly getting busy. Whenever a family decides to mow its lawn or trim hedges, it is a ceremonious family fun fair event.

My business idea was conceived out of the need to provide my neighbors with efficient and easily accessible lawn mowing services, and take part in the environmental conservation campaign. Research Plan Most businesses fail after conception stage due to poor planning and research, such that the entrepreneur will not be acquainted with proper knowledge and skills required in running the enterprise. Others take for granted certain issues that affect the running of the business. When setting up a privately owned and run enterprise, the owner should be in a position to personally handle the tasks before delegating to an employee.

This enables the entrepreneur to understand the amount of time a task is likely to require before completion, the energy involved and the quality of output to expect (Stokes et al 107). My research will be on identifying the best tools and implements available in the market with reference to my budget, the correct channels to be followed when registering the enterprise, the correct certifications required and the amount of wages to pay my employees. Conducting an environmental impact assessment of my enterprise will save me from being shut down by the authorities (Cuervo 4).

There are various sources of information available in the market, with the internet being cheapest and most convenient source of information. It is quick to search anything from the internet, and find its location and other relevant information. Using the internet will save me travelling expenses that are likely to constrain my budget. Any further information that I may require and is likely to require clarification such as the legal aspects of the business, the environmental assess impact and the wages to pay to employees is available at the registrar of companies, while my local government officials will issue me with the relevant certifications that I need for my enterprise (Cuervo 46).

Project Plan The enterprise will be in operation before the onset of the rainy season to take advantage of the business peak season. Grass and hedges grow very fast during the rainy season and taking advantage of this will boost the company’s chances of customer loyalty in case we offer quality services. A peak season ensures that the enterprise is able to generate some in come although it is still new.

Our time schedule for completion of tasks will largely depend on the amount of work to be undertaken. The plan of dividing tasks amongst ourselves according to the strengths of the group members will save time for us. Every task will be assigned a day to be thoroughly researched on an analysis drawn to save on time. To keep deadlines, we will keep encouraging each other, and every member to take personal responsibility of the duties being handled, and encourage team spirit (Stokes 303).

Every employee of Trimedge Lawns Experts will be required to be personally responsible for his/ her duties, as my plan is to offer minimum supervision, but under strict performance rules. Failure of taking responsibility of any duty will attract huge penalties. Objectives of the Project The community has for a longtime relied on the services of outsider lawn trimmers and hedgers who at times frustrate them. Outsiders at times do not understand the topology of the area and do not give satisfactory results.

Other times, the mowers do not understand the needs of the people, but having grown up with them, I am best placed to meet their demands. The idea is unique, and has success potential due to its location. The company will be strategically placed in a neighborhood with lawns and hedges and where there are no other companies offering the same services and thus qualifies for financing (Cuervo 53). The business seeks to fill the need gap for expert lawn mowers who are equipped with skills in trimming hedges and lawn mowing to my neighborhood, while seeking to bridge the gap between demand for professional mowing services and supply.

Ours will be a tailor-made experience for our customers, with an option for feedback. Classroom knowledge and skills will be of importance to the success of the business as the project will extensively employ communication skills in negotiating with my clients for contracts (Ellis 25). Financial management skills will help me manage the finances of the company without misappropriating funds, while human resources lessons will come in hand in handling my employees with minimum coercion and ensure they are at all times intrinsically and extrinsically motivated.

Workers will be required to report to work every day without any lateness. The morning session will involve checking the status of the equipment to ensure that they are in good condition to avoid breakdown while in the field. A worker will be assigned duties a day before to avoid a backlog or collision of duties. Execution Outline In conducting the research on the project, qualitative research methods will be most appropriate to give the best results.

Field survey of the clientele location will help in understanding the viability of the idea and legibility of the business (Kothari 3). Questionnaires and interviews will adequately help the company in understanding the quality of services and their satisfaction expectations. Analysis techniques will take the form of tabulation tables and representation will be in pie charts. A tour of the neighborhood will be conducted, to identify the location of the head office while trying to evaluate our potential clients (Kothari 17). Every group member will focus on the particular roles assigned from the preliminary plans.

While one member will be documenting our paper work and act as custodian, secretary and operations manager the chairperson will do the research while the other treasurer of the group will handle data analysis and tabulation. The group will meet three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to deliberate on the success of the project. The biggest challenge is likely to be financial constrains as funds will be needed for commuting and other relevant materials such as preparation of questionnaires.

We plan to seek support from our parents and guardians, while we will minimize expenses where possible by either opting for a bus instead of taxi, or even walking (Groppelli 10). Time-line showing the dates of primary tasks completion Date Task Completed 3/25/2013 discussion of project idea and budgeting 3/27/2013 submission of drafts and financial contribution 3/29/2013 observations and data tabulation 3/4/2013 drawing of the rough draft 5/4/2013 drawing of final draft Works Cited Cuervo, García A, Domingo Ribeiro, and Salvador Roig. Entrepreneurship: Concepts, Theory and Perspective. Berlin: Springer, 2007. Internet resource. Ellis, Richard. Communication Skills: Stepladders to Success for the Professional. Bristol, UK: Intellect, 2009.

Print. Groppelli, Angelico A, and Ehsan Nikbakht. Finance. Hauppauge, N.Y: Barrons, 2006. Print. Kothari, C R. Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques. New Delhi: New Age International Ltd, 2011. Internet resource. Stokes, David, Nicholas Wilson, and Martha Mador. Entrepreneurship. Hampshire, UK: South-Western/Cengage Learning EMEA, 2010. Print.

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