Essays on Supply Chain and Facilities Management Statistics Project

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Running Head: Supply Chain Management Balance Scorecards: West Central Hospital Part A In regard to the overall rating of hospital, patient satisfaction plays an important role as number of infections and patient’s infected act as numerator while number of patients admitted are used as denominators for the purpose of measuring the hospital’s performance. The overall rating for the hospital from FY 2007 to FY 2009 reveals that the hospitals performance is moving slightly downwards which is supported simultaneous decline in communication with nurses and doctors. The only positive and healthy area in the scorecard is the percentage of patients’ likelihood to recommend the hospital which has increased from 67% in FY 2007 to 75% in FY 2009.

A critical review of the data relating to quality outcomes reveals that though the rate of patients transferred to hospital during a Home Care episode has increased, the fact that communication process with health professionals has decreased during these three years has helped to the decline in overall rating of hospitals. This data can further be analyzed with additional inputs from external forces like competitiveness, customer satisfaction, political and environmental analysis and internal forces like employee satisfaction, motivation, which may improve the performance of hospital and at least help in achieving positive results in communication with patients which may affect the overall rating of the hospital.

Part B: Overall Scorecard and Monitoring a Strategic Goal The overall performance of balance scorecard is satisfactory while the hospital has still managed to make good profit though the profit made in 2009 is less compared to 2008.The major area of concern is the patient satisfaction which needs to be addressed by the hospital management while reviewing the performance and making decisions.

It is pertinent to mention that communication with nurses and doctors is declining which makes it very important for the management to take note of this because patients need to be attended promptly and failure in doing so will result in negative feedback and bad publicity. Hospital management can use this balance scorecard in an effective manner to address issues like quality of service by developing infrastructure and facilities apart from preparing a framework to increase profits and reduce costs.

Though the balance scorecard is fully equipped providing information on most of the aspects of management and performance; patients feedback on service, doctor’s attendance, facilities, etc. including ambulance services all covered under one metric will help the management to deliberate on the performance during decision making process. It is pertinent to mention here that hospitals are facing stiff competition in the market therefore it is necessary for the management to prepare a comprehensive strategy addressing the issues of importance.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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