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The of Maryland College SWOT Analysis The of Maryland College recently unveiled the strategic plan for the year 2009-2013, which analyses the institutions aims, objectives, goals, and missions and vision. In the strategic plan, the university highlighted its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and its strengths. In the strategy, the company highlighted eight key strategic plans that aim at developing the institution in the student population as well as the infrastructure development of the school. The SWOT elements are reflected in the strategic plan in the following manner (The university of Maryland University College 2) Strengths The University of Maryland University College has the following opportunities reflected in the schools strategic plan.

The major one is the faculty and the staff. The school has dedicated in depth commitment of the faculty and the staff. This is part of the internal strength of the school. The school has employed thousands of faculty members who love teaching and making students achieve their priorities (The university of Maryland university college 2: Fine 5). The school is also well sold out to the members of the public and has achieved well-established status, which is a virtue that has attracted many people in the school curriculum.

The school has also developed good relationship with the military, which spans more than 60 years. This has enabled the school to remain the premier provider of the military education in the US. In addition, the school boasts of generous stakeholders who have regular provided support for the institution in time of needs. The stakeholders are accomplished, forward thinking, and stalwart in their support for the institution. Moreover, the school has a well-diversified market, which is becoming more acute with the globalized knowledge economy.

The school has also assorted and has achieved a global out print (The university of Maryland university college 2: Fine 5). Weaknesses Meanwhile, the school has some notable weaknesses. These are that the school is witnessing an undergraduate retention rate, which is higher than other schools. This is because of the increased demand for higher quality education in the US job market. In addition, the school highly depends on the tuition revenue and the growth. The school relies on 90 per cent of the tuition fee for its upkeep and will have to evaluate this strategy if it wants to develop further.

Moreover, there is a high-level of competition in the universities, which pose a major challenge for students to select these universities as their premier university or the first choice university. The relation with the military is also a challenge in that the school is facing an increased competition in the military education in both the state side and the foreign market (The university of Maryland university college 2: Fine 5). Opportunities Being the premier university for the military education in America, the school should optimize to realize the great opportunities it has in attracting other military students from across the globe.

Other than the military education, the school has a higher market potential for attracting students in the country. This is because of their emphasis on technology education (The university of Maryland university college 2: Fine 5). Threats The school is also facing various threats. One of them is the increased competition in the number of students selecting to join this university. The high level of competition comes from other universities in the country such as Harvard University, Lehigh University, and Stanford University.

Moreover, the level of technology used at this university is a threat to its preference from students since it needs to change to achieve global status (The university of Maryland university college 2: Fine 5). Works Cited Fine, Lawrence. The SWOT Analysis: Using Your Strength to Overcome Weaknesses, Using Opportunities to Overcome Threats. New York: CreateSpace. 2009. Print. The University of Maryland University College, strategic plan 2009-2013. 3501 University Boulevard East Adelphi, MD 20783. Maryland: Forest-Friendly FSC Centura Dull.

2009. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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