Essays on MISEREOR as an Innovative Way of Raising Money for Poor People Research Proposal

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The paper "MISEREOR as an Innovative Way of Raising Money for Poor People" is a good example of a management research proposal.   The aim of this proposal is to suggest an innovative way of raising money for poor people in the society and disadvantaged populations. This would help support the society’ s weakest members: the hungry, the sick, the poor, as well as the disadvantaged. The majority of these people have lost their ability to live independently and work; therefore, they depend on donations, government help, and social welfare. These people are often characterised by the ability to work and lack the needed living income.

The poor people are normally derided, devalued, and unappreciated by the larger society. The society’ s weakest members often endure numerous challenges, which include unemployment, poor education, and healthcare access barriers. This is further exacerbated by stereotyping, social invisibility, deprivation, and stigma. Most of the poor and disadvantaged people are discriminated which lead to social exclusion as well as unfairness and places community cohesion in danger. The solution to these issues can be achieved by raising enough resources and tools required to make the poor and disadvantaged people more ‘ self-sufficient’ .

With adequate resources, MISEREOR will be able to promote autonomy amongst this group of the population, whereby the people will be encouraged and allowed to develop means of becoming self-sufficient as long as they are true to their capacities, ideals, and principles. The resources achieved through fundraising will enable MISEREOR to empower these people to develop, utilise, and sustain the tools required to overcome the problems they are facing. 2.0 Goals and objectives 2.1 Goals The design of this fundraising campaign will facilitate the achievement of the following main goals: Raising funds to facilitate the reduction of poverty and social injustice across the globe Increasing self-sufficiency amongst the poor and disadvantaged people in the society Raising adequate money that would help people living in poverty harness innovative ways to end injustice and poverty Focusing efforts not only to fight poverty but also to come up with creative durable solutions to poverty, advancing options in cooperation with the allies and partners 2.2 Objectives Upon implementation, this fundraising campaign intends to achieve the following objectives: To update MISEREOR’ s physical facility in order to contain the organisation’ s projected programs of as well as its services to the society. To set up a new program as well as the active endowments that would help make available designated resources that is different from the operating funds to enable MISEREOR to achieve its mission. To develop and expand the organisation through program implementation that would help increase the number of donations made through social swipe to 100,000 by November 30th 2017. To create and put into practice a long-range plan for public relations that would help improve awareness of MISEREOR as well as its social programs. To improve and employ a community education program in the community for both youths and adults that demonstrates the significance of being self-sufficient and being fair to all people. To increase MISEREOR’ s Endowment Fund by 30% by the end of 2018. To increase the budget level of annual operations by 35 per cent by the end of December 2017. To help the weaker people in the society to claim their rights a better life; that is to say, the disadvantaged and poor people would be able to exercise their political as well as civil rights and hold the national responsible for their actions. To continue saving lives, currently and in the future by ensuring that the number of people dying from deprivation and illness is very low.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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