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The paper 'Team Work in an Organization' is a good example of a Management Essay. In teamwork then what it means is that people come together and work as a group in an organization. If an organization has to work and succeed then it is supposed to ensure that it has teamwork so that they have efforts put together for the better operation of the organization. There is a need for new approaches to be introduced in an organization so that the workers can have a different view on their performance.

A working group should have geographic and discipline diversity and the need for care to be taken in identifying members who will be balanced and uncomplicated. To have new approaches then it will mean that the organization should have working people who know what they are expected to provide for the organization in terms of performance. (Mike, 1992, pp, 23) A theory of teamwork is the employee motivation theory and practice where managers of those organizations should ensure that they provide the workers with what they require. This is important because if the employees are not motivated then they will not see any need of working for the organization in that they will just work because they want to earn income and living but not mainly to benefit the organization.

Managers and officers in an organization are supposed to apply the employee motivation principles this is because these workers are human beings and want to be treated and respected just as they respect their officers meaning that a manager should carry out research and other operations that will lead to high operations of the organization this will be mainly in part of employees motivation so that if they are respected they can see the need to work and provide the best for the organization.

Therefore managers should ensure that they apply both formal and informal communication this is important as it will lead to good ergonomics and reduces time and effort and the ideas for improvement can come from those who are undervalued and this will mean that they are supposed to be taken as important workers in the organization. In motivation then managers should ensure that they provide the employees with positive reinforcement in that workers expect to hear from their officers on changes that are made in the organization this will be through giving them promotions and increment in their wages and salaries.

This will lead to the fulfillment of their expectations and they will be ready to work without been forced. (Mike, 1992, pp, 45) There are effective discipline and punishment this will come in if the workers know the discipline that is required in the organization in discipline then the workers should be kept informed so that they know what the organization requires from them.

Without rules and regulations then it is not possible for an organization to perform as it is expected this will lead to conflict and collapse of that organization because the workers will not be ready to provide what the organization requires from them. The punishments should be given to those who go against the set rule in that they should be fairly punished this will mean that if managers are not fair in punishing the wrongdoers then conflict will take place in the organization as the workers will not be ready to work with others who are valued than them.

This will lead to division in the organization and a lot of time will be lost without work done. The needs of employees should be satisfied in that the needs of employees like allowances should be given this is important because they are human beings and with needs therefore if they are not given their needs then they will not work to the expectation of the organization.

The managers should set work-related goals this will mean that the goals that are set will give the workers a clear direction so that they meet the vision of the organization. (Daniel, 1995, pp, 56)



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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