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The paper "The Business Strategy of Kentucky Fried Chicken in China" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. Western fast-food major outlets like Subway, McDonald and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) have been flooding the Chinese market over the years. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which is the leading western fast food operating in China has particularly managed to penetrate the Chinese market through its “ finger-licking good” chicken which forms a major part of the Chinese’ s deep-rooted dietary habits. To the Chinese people who until the 1980s had to contend with untidy food outlets and unfriendly services, the coming of KFC, Subway, McDonald, and other western fast food outlets offered them a sign of relief.

The entry of these western fast food outlets in China enabled the Chinese population to embrace the ambiance, rich dé cor and friendly service of these outlets. As of the year 2003, these fast food outlets had opened thousands of outlets in China. KFC, in particular, had a total of 900 outlets, with its presence being felt in 12 out of its 13 provinces.

Apart from its popular products, KFC customized products, and offerings like Peking duck, bamboo soup and others to suit the Chinese market and hence enable it to win over loyal customers. It also pioneered the drive-through food outlets in China. Despite stiff competition from other western fast food outlets likes McDonalds and Subways and homegrown food chains like Ronghua Chicken, KFC has consistently lead in the fast-food market in China. Literature Review: This century has seen an increased expansion of multinational organizations in foreign countries. It has become common for multinational corporations to expand their products in foreign countries and become huge both economically and in size.

This phenomenon has taken the attention of researchers where they have taken research in several aspects of this expansion. Some interesting studies have been conducted in this regard where attention has been directed on marketing strategies that these multinational fast food corporations have applied to conquer these foreign markets. Discussing international marketing involves both adaptation and standardization. The international marketing review offers a number of good findings in this line of research. According to (Doole & Lowe 2008), standardization or in other words globalization involves developing a marketing strategy that looks at the entire world as a unique market.

It entails designing standard services and products that are distinct in each area and a marketing-mix in every respective region. These proposed regions are to offer standardized products, promotion campaigns, prices while using a common distribution channel cutting across all markets. Adaptation or localization, in other words, looks at every market as a distinct market that requires an approach that considers its cultural, national, and regional uniqueness.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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