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The paper "The Corporate Decision-Making Process of Sports Sponsorship" is an excellent example of an essay on marketing. The promotion mix will involve persuasion and informing the consumers about the availability of a product in the market. In the promotional mix are many methods which include: personal selling, sales promotion, advertising, and sponsorship. In the case of personal selling then there is the interaction with the consumers that will lead to the sales of the products on the behalf of the organization and there are the techniques and approaches that can be applied so that the sales can be successful.

In the sales promotion, there has to have the assurance that the information that will be provided is the best compared to the rest in that promotion. In the sponsorship then the organization has got to pay so that it can be associated with a certain event or the cause and the attributes of the event have the association with the sponsoring group. In the sponsorship then there are processes that one has to follow: the need to know about the current situation and know about the competitors who provide the advantage that is targeted so that the organization can know which audience to interact and use for the sponsor.

Have the definition of the sponsorship objectives that include the brand, building of image and the promotion of the new product. (Arthur, 1998) Sponsorship is money or other assistance that is given to the athletes so that they can be able to undergo the training and living expenses. To be sponsored then it means that one will be able to achieve the best for the success of the game.

This means that there are no business arrangements to be made therefore they do not expect anything in return. There is also the need to have an agreement on strategy in need to know whether the sponsorship fits in the promotional activity. There is the development of the tactics that have agreed on what to sponsor, price and timing. There is the need to have the definition of the audience that will be targeted and also have the consideration of resources that are required for the success of sponsorship.

With the information that is required then it will lead to knowing the steps to undertake in that particular area that is chosen for the sponsorship to undertake its actions. The sponsorship that is done to the sports has had its root in many companies after many problems rising and this led to the need to have the know-how of the marketing strategies so that the program can succeed. .. In the sponsorship decisions then throe is the impact been seen in the marketing mix and therefore the companies should have the knowledge that will be best for the sponsorship program to succeed.

With the rise in corporate spending on sports sponsorship, then the sports will continue to receive assistance. Sponsorship is an assistance that is given to a certain group so that they can be able to do their best this is in terms.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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