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The paper "The External Factors Influencing the Decisions of a Consumer" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Consumers are the central pillar of any business organization. Demand from customers results in demand and as the laws of demand and supply applies. Therefore, where demand is high, naturally, suppliers find to satisfy the need of the customers. In the modern world, everyone is going 'digital'. It is, therefore, odd to find any person event peasants in the most rural areas who are not able to communicate with people from far off distances.

The most important factor that drives human interactions is communication. The mobile phone is one gadget that appears to be a must-have in the modern world. Mobile phones not only help people to keep in touch but also play a myriad of other functions thus making life much easier for people. There are many reasons that consumers make a decision as to the kind of products that they would like to purchase a certain or the other (Blythe, 2008). The reasons that influence decisions made by a customer can be broadly classified into two.

These are internal and external influences on decision making by a consumer. Consumer decision making refers to the process through which consumers identify the needs that they have. The consumers then gather relevant information. After getting a number of alternatives the final step is to make the purchase of the item. Consumer decision making can also be said to be the actions that a person takes before buying and making a given product or even a service. It includes the processes, both social and mental that come before and after the actions taken by the consumer.

This essay is concerned by factors that are external to consumers and which influence them on the type of phone to buy. Relevant theories and concepts The question as to what influences consumers to make decisions has baffled marketers for a long time. Marketers try to play around with different principles of marketing. This also applies to the consumers of products and services. There are therefore many decision-making models, strategies and theories which form the basis of the decision process which consumers place reliance on before making a purchase and this enable executives who are in the business of marketing to find the best combination so as to impress the consumers and ensure that they purchase their products or services.

In the purchasing of phones, therefore, a number of theories are relevant. Utility Theory Economist agonized over the question over what influences a consumer to make a particular decision. The first rational explanation as to what influence consumer decision making was given by Nicholas Bernoulli. The reasoning by Bernoulli was extended by Morgenstern and Neumann and it was given the name Utility Theory.

This theory was to the effect that decisions by the consumer are based on what the outcome of such a decision is going to be. In this regard, consumers should be seen as acting rationally.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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