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The paper “ Service Quality in UAE Transport Sector” is a worthy  variant of the research paper on marketing. This study examines an impending challenge in the UAE road transport system which is poor service quality. Some of the contributory factors leading to the problem include; low demand for public transport services, congestion, poor management and coordination of projects, social factors such as increased population, and the perception of the public towards public transport. The study acknowledges the fact that the UAE government has indeed adopted various strategies in order to improve service quality.

Nevertheless, the approaches have not been effective enough. Consequently, the study proposes the use of Total Quality management essentially Deeming’ s 14 principles of TQM in order to resolve the challenge.   IntroductionThe transport industry is an indispensable element in supporting economic activities in many countries and regions of the World. The United Arab Emirates for instance greatly depends on the transport industry for its economic progression. In previous decades, the UAE has experienced rapid economic growth due to the discovery of oil. This has made the region to be one of the most developed federations in the globe and also in the Middle East region.

In order to advance economic growth, there is a need for quality service in the transport system. This paper seeks to conduct an analysis of an impending challenge in the UAE transport sector. The focus of the study will mainly be grounded on Road transport. Issue IdentificationThe growth of urban cities necessitates for quality services in the transport industry. This is because quality transport services are essential in supporting economic development and investment (Worku, 2013).

Over the years, the transport infrastructure of the UAE has been well developed. Road transport has for instance has witnessed the development of modern roads and highways that can facilitate the easy movement of goods and people. However, although there is growth in the transport industry due to infrastructural development, the UAE is experiencing a great challenge in its road transport system. The issue of poor service quality in the transport industry has been of great concern to both the government and other stakeholders. Therefore, there is a need to examine the issue of poor service quality in the road transport industry and the future implications of the problem on UAE.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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