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Importance of enforcing intellectual property violations The Smart Border is a package that was suggested by the Commission in February was made after European communication in February 2008 proposing the administration of an entry/ exit system and a registered traveller programme. Smart Borders’ aim is to better the management of the external borders of Schengen member states. In addition to this, it also aims to discourage irregular immigration and information supply about the overstayers. Moreover, it intends to facilitate border crossings towards pre-vetted third country national travellers. It allows a legal flow of goods and services resulting in economic growth (Warburton, 2014). Intellectual property theft refers to the taking off one’s ideas, inventions and creativity without their permission.

Intellectual property is anything ranging from trade secrets, proprietary products, movie and music’s parts. Theft has risen particularly with the increase of digital technologies and internet sharing files. IP violation is considered undesirable and unprofitable because it costs U. S a lot of money which is approximately billion of dollars per year. It steals jobs and causes loss of tax revenues in the nation as well. Enforcement of Intellectual property violation is significant because it ends the stealing of ideas that promote the market for the newly made products.

For instance, most of the medicines and technology products rely on the design, innovation, research, design and testing applied in their production. Therefore, robbing of the above may lower the market of products made. Also, the enforcement grants rights to the creative thinkers to demand payment of their stolen designs, inventions and creations. In addition to this, the implementation helps in solving the world disputes. Executive order 13,133 is made by the U. S president to improve the critical infrastructure and to ensure there is cyber security.

For instance, section 1 policy demonstrates the need to improve the security in cyber. Misuse of the internet can lead to panic selling of shares due to the provision of false information. Evacuation is another result of the messages that are untrue from the internet forcing people to vacate and leave their businesses with no one to take care of (Julius Bombet & Steven Cooper, 2005). ReferencesJulius Bombet, C. L.

I., CFE, M. B., & Steven Cooper, J. D. (2005). Intellectual Property Theft. Corporate Investigations, 375.Warburton, C. E. (2014). Intellectual Property Theft. The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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