Essays on The Relationship between Employee Motivation and Quality Management Research Proposal

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The paper "The Relationship between Employee Motivation and Quality Management" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   As total quality management (TQM) continues to theoretically evolve and be accepted by management thinkers and practitioners as an effective approach to business management, the concurrently increasing emphasis on people cannot be overlooked. Having learned the bitter lessons of the scientific management approach and specifically of Taylorism, managers have conventionally accepted to date the idea that organizations produce their outcomes through their people. On this account, the crucial element of the quality performance by the employees and workers is the organization’ s ability to motivate its people towards desired actions and behaviors and increase the organizational members’ level of quality consciousness.

Intending to clearly establish the relationship between human motivation and total quality management by qualitative research method, this paper sifted through the pertinent literature in view of answering the following research questions:   How closely are employee motivation and quality management connected in the context of the workplace? Should there be a strong connection between the two, how do we motivate employees more so as to improve the organization’ s quality management? With a weak connection between the two, which of them has a deeper impact on the general performance of the company? Significantly, this paper concluded that employee motivation and quality management are indeed very closely connected.

This is the primary message of the literature that this paper consulted. And, it is interesting to note that there is actually no literature that states otherwise. In fact, the common thread of ideas that runs through the books, journal articles and Internet postings on the topic is that quality management taps on human resource to bring fruition its aim of bringing about improvement or development in the quality of an organization’ s processes, procedures, relationships, and outputs.

And, this can happen only in situations when the employees or workers are of a high level of motivation.   Equally important is this paper’ s conclusion that as there as many theories on motivation as there are theorists that make a study on this subject, so there are multiple ways of inducing employee motivation and improving the organizations’ quality management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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