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The paper "The Role of Ethics in the Expansion of Organizations" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. Ethics in its simplest and most basic terms can be defined as motivation based on the ideas of what is wrong and right. Therefore, ethical considerations in organizations can be described or defined as adherence to accepted standards of professional or social behavior. In an effort to adhere to ethics in the corporate world there are organizations that have developed their systems of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct in the organization’ s relations with its employees, competitors, and the community (Robbins, Judge, Millett & Boyle, 2013).

These principles are described as a code of ethics.                       Ethical issues in an organization are determined by how the organization relates with its employees, fellow competitors, customers, and the community or the environment in which the organization is located. Some of the ethical considerations that businesses have to put in mind in their dealing include; observing human rights to avoid infringing on the freedom of individuals within or outside the organization. Working conditions of the employees is also another ethical issue that organizations need to take note of.

When dealing with their competitor's ethical issues arise when competing for customers and markets. Ethical issues are also bound to arise when dealing with the customers or clients of the various organizations. Issues that are likely to arise are the quality of services delivered and the exploitation of the clients or customers. When dealing with the community or the environment ethical issues that are likely to arise are issues of tax payment by the organization and pollution or management of waste products from the company.                       National expansion of an organization refers to the increase in the size or scope of the organization’ s operations.

This can be in the form of giving rise to other outlets so that it is found in various regions of the country or can as well increase in size and accommodate many people from across the country. Therefore, for a business to realize success in its expansion plans it has to take note of the ethical issues surrounding its operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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