Essays on Yoga as a Physical and Mental Process Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Yoga as a Physical and Mental Process" is an amazing example of an annotated bibliography on sports and recreation.   Tomporowski, P. D., Davis, C. L., Miller, P. H., & Naglieri, J. A. (2008). Exercise and children’ s intelligence, cognition, and academic achievement. Educational Psychology Review,   20(2), 111-131.The research explains the effects of exercise on the mental and cognitive abilities of an individual. It also includes the effects of yoga which can help in developing mental and creative capabilities of young people and adults. Goldberg, L. (2004). Creative Relaxation SM: A Yoga-based program for regular and exceptional student education.   International journal of yoga therapy,   14(1), 68-78.

The source explains how Yoga fosters creativity and intellect among those who exercise it. It helps in providing insight about yoga among the masses and boosts their creative capabilities which are useful for the research. Kirkwood, G., Rampes, H., Tuffrey, V., Richardson, J., & Pilkington, K. (2005). Yoga for anxiety: a systematic review of the research evidence.   British Journal of Sports Medicine,   39(12), 884-891.The research has been conducted regarding different pressures that are sustained by the human brain and leads to improper functionality.

It also explains how yoga heals those unhealthy activities and helps in developing the intellectual and creative capabilities of human beings. Telles, S., Reddy, S. K., & Nagendra, H. R. (2000). Oxygen consumption and respiration following two yoga relaxation techniques.   Applied psychophysiology and biofeedback,   25(4), 221-227.This research explains the relaxation techniques which are followed in Yoga. The brain needs oxygen to perform well and through yoga oxygen intake increases which helps in relaxing and developing the brain letting it free from stress which is detrimental to its growth. Gura, S.

T. (2002). Yoga for stress reduction and injury prevention at work. Work: A journal of prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation,   19(1), 3-7.It explains about benefits of yoga on an individual’ s brain. It is said to burn out stress. Yoga helps in the regeneration and development of brain cells which helps to avoid mental weakness and stress leading to more intellectual and creative work being depicted by an individual at the workplace.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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