Essays on The Way in Which Direct Marketing Will Be Beneficial for Non-Profit Organizations Term Paper

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The paper “ The Way in Which Direct Marketing Will Be Beneficial for Non-Profit Organizations” is a  persuading example of a term paper on marketing. Today non-profit organizations are increasing but the increase in the number of organizations doesn’ t match the increase in funds received. This is due to the fact that the younger generation is not willing to donate. This has raised concerns and non-profit organizations are finding it tough to continue with the programs they have launched. To combat it nonprofit organizations are coming up with new ways. They are using direct marketing to attract donors.

Since they are cost-conscious as the amount they spend is from the money they receive from donation so using it in an effective way is important. Non-profit organizations are looking for newer ways to attract donors. “ They are looking to find new ways to improve loyalty programs” . Retaining and getting a new customer for a non-profit organization has become a priority. Having decided the target segment and using emails followed by calls to people who show interest will help to get new donors. To retain their old donors and make them donate non-profit organization needs to develop loyalty programs and also show them the importance they hold.

They should also send them regular updates on the way the donation was used. Thus, non-profits organization needs to concentrate and put all their efforts towards getting more donations. This will help the poor. It will help them to get food and make a good society. Today in this modern world people are looking for new ways to sell. Direct marketing is one. It is gaining prominence. It is a process where the product is marketed directly to the customer.

Different mediums are used for it. Some of the ways are the telephone, emails, catalog, brochure and a few more. This is slowly shaping modern society. This is helping us there is direct communication with the clients. Here in the case, we see that non-profit organization is making use of this way. This is because competition has become tougher. The younger generation prefers to spend then to donate. This is affecting organizations. They are not able to generate the required sum to feed people.

Even the increase in the number of the organization is affecting it. Even coming up with different campaigns is not drawing many takers. The 40-hour famine campaign is also losing relevance. The earlier generation used to donate the sum for the poor and skip their meals but the younger generation is reluctant to do so. This used to attract millions from all around the globe but slowly with the passage of time the numbers have dwindled. This has raised concerns. Today non-profit organizations are looking for newer methods to attract the younger generation.

They are relying on direct marketing. This is because it is cost-efficient and since they utilize the fund donated so they want it to be cheap. They are using a medium like emails, telephone calls, and press advertising. Still, non-profit organizations doubt the efficiency of this system. They don’ t know how many people will react positively. This is because people hardly have time to read as they have hundreds of junk mails coming every day. To combat it they are providing details of the way funds are spent and also thanking the donors.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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