Having Trouble with Your Thesis Proposal Sample?

After years of hard work, the end is finally in sight. It could be that you are finishing your master’s degree or summing up your life’s work for a doctorate. Whatever the case, the thesis proposal is what will either make or break you.

So how exactly do you write these incredibly important papers? You have probably gone through one thesis proposal example after another, and you still don’t know where to start. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to close your academic chapter in style with a great thesis proposal sample.

Follow This Thesis Proposal Structure if You Don’t Know Where to Start

When writing a thesis paper, it is very important to ensure that you follow the right outline. On your online search for help, you have probably come across a thesis proposal sample doc with an unusual structure. It can be a little confusing and frustrating especially when trying to figure out how to compile your research.

The variation is because different institutions have their special requirements on how the write-ups should be structured. So though that Ph.D. or master thesis proposal example seems odd, it isn’t wrong. However, there is a universally accepted way to present your work. Here is the thesis proposal sample format you can never really go wrong with.

  • Personal information

In this section, you include any information that will identify you as the author of the subsequent content. This includes your name, university admission number, department name and so on. You could also, in this section, choose to give credit to mentors who helped you out in the research process.

  • Thesis proposal title

The title is without a doubt the most important part of any research paper. It is what sets a precedent for the rest of the work. Choosing a good title not only helps you summarize your work in one sentence but also peaks the interests of readers. More about this section will be discussed below.

  • Abstract

This part of the paper complements the title by giving readers a sneak peek of what is to come. The summary is usually short and to the point. You could also choose to make it more engaging by posing questions to challenge the readers. An example abstract for thesis proposal for a paper on green roofing would include information on the definition practice, its history, and potential future. With this information, anyone going through the rest of the write-up has an idea of what the project is about.

  • Introduction

With most projects, there isn’t that much of a difference between the abstract and the introduction regarding content. However, this section is more often than not significantly longer and more detailed as it is not a summary. It is therefore very important for you to be careful not to exhaust all your key points and explanations in the previous section. Contact our team for support and get an excellent example of introduction in thesis proposal.  

  • Background and available research

This is important whether it is a master or PhD thesis proposal sample. It validates your research by showing that it is relevant enough for other scholars to show interest. If for some reason, there is no existing information on the subject, do not panic. Go for the next research content related to your topic and describe work closely related to your project. For example, if it is a paper on a new theory on genetics, you could support it using findings from previous studies on genetics in general.  

It is also here in most thesis research proposal example papers online that the authors explain the significance of the project. Is it something that will contribute to the specific field? Will it change lives? If yes, this section is where you make your case.

  • Project statement

The sample statement of the problem in thesis proposal is considered the most important part of the paper. You can have it as a list of objectives or a prose format description of the theory you are trying to prove.

  • Research description

This is often split into three parts. The first describes the resources required and used in the research process. The second is the most important part of any qualitative thesis proposal sample. It is the section where the actual research procedure is described. Finally, you wind up the section with a summary of your results and an explanation of these finding.

  • Sources

Citing your sources is very important when submitting a thesis proposal. This, however, is arguably the most challenging part of the project mainly because of the strict citation format rules. If you are stuck here, we could help you out with our special citation services.

  • Recommendations

Different thesis proposal outline sample papers online have conflicting views on where this section should be. Some have it before the sources while others have it after.

How Do You Choose the Best Thesis Topic Proposal?

Whether it is a Ph.D. or master thesis proposal sample, the title is undeniably one part of the paper you cannot afford to get wrong. So how do you choose the right topic? Here are a few tips that should help.

Firstly, figure out what you are passionate about and handle that in your paper. You do not want to spend your time, energy and resources on something that you are not interested in. So pick something that gets you fired up and coming up with content will be easier than you can imagine.

Secondly, pick a specific idea and stick to it. Let’s take the example of a paper on genetics again. The field is vast and full of research topics many of which are closely related. When choosing a topic, you should make sure to settle for something very specific. This nails your project down to one specific line of thought which makes it easier to structure and follow your research.

Thirdly, stir things up with a controversial and arguable topic. The best topics are those that have numerous arguable points. Nothing is interesting about a plain old idea that everyone agrees with. A good example of thesis title proposal is one that will start conversations and get people to contribute their different points of view.

Fourthly, identify available research on the subject. It is good to think outside the box but not at the expense of content. You do not want to pick a topic that has very limited available research. This makes it difficult for you to validate the work and back it up with independent evidence.

Fifth, keep up with current issues related to your research. Relevance is very important when it comes to thesis proposals. Whether it is a sample thesis proposal for computer science or math, it is always a good idea to pick a topic related to current events.

You should also choose a proposal that you can afford. Research takes time, effort and money. Do you have enough of these for the proposal title you are considering? If the answer is yes then, by all means, get started. However, if you are working with limited resources, it is best to spare yourself the frustration and pick an easier topic.

Additionally, you should let your research findings guide you. Sometimes, the title you pick will be guided by the research you have conducted already. It is way easier to find a title for your content than it is to find research material and findings for a random topic.

Lastly, when all else fails, get professional help. Even with all these tips, guides and examples, writing a thesis proposal is not easy. So let professionals handle all the hard work for you. This is amazing as it allows you to focus on doing what you love instead of worrying about finding the perfect title and content to match. Fortunately, our company is a renowned thesis writing company that handles thesis papers. Hire us for our expertise and save yourself the stress and frustrations associated with thesis writing.

Example of Thesis Title Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

With the sample thesis title proposal tips highlighted above, you should be able to pick a good topic and follow through with it without problems. In addition to the DOs, there are a few DON’Ts you need to be keen on. Below are six proposal title mistakes you should avoid.

  • Lack of originality in your thesis topic proposal
  • Playing it too safe
  • Choosing an unfamiliar thesis title proposal
  • Lack of a clear aim with your thesis proposal writing sample
  • Taking on more than you or your resources can handle
  • Choosing topics of little or no relevance to your field

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