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Gender Equity in Athletics In my opinion, IX was a logical policy response to the problem of gender inequality. The policy played a big role in changing the wrong perception which the society had regarding women participating in sports. Athletics was perceived to be a male phenomenon and this contributed toa male dominated field. The IX policy changed this primitive and cultural framework which discriminated against women. The policy encouraged more women to come out strongly and participate in athletics. It also led to the emergence of major action and regulations that defended, acknowledged, and recognised the rights and potential of women.

The policy emphasised on equality of men and women in sports (Messner, 2010). The Title IX did accomplish the intended goals for majority of women but it left some women out. Some women were held back by the stereotyped belief that sports was associated with masculinity and men. The Title IX impacted my life as I was also able to accept the fact that women just as men have the capacity to participate in sports and even do better. Girls and young women today are participating in sports more.

This is because they have the freedom of participation and they are not held back by the prejudiced and discriminatory beliefs and cultures. Forty years ago, young women and girls viewed athletics as a male role. Participation of women in sports has changed their role in society over time. In the past women got perceived as homemakers who carried out domestic duties but today more and more women are participating in sports (Barra, 2012). Other social changes have also contributed to changes about the perception o women in sports.

The education of girls also played a big role in encouraging girls to participate in sports and their other areas of talents. In the past girls were to remain at home but with education system they go to school and encouraged to participate in sports (Messner, 2010). ReferencesBarra, A. (2012, June 16). Before and After Title IX: Women in Sports. Retrieved May 30, 2014, from The New York Times: http: //www. nytimes. com/interactive/2012/06/17/opinion/sunday/sundayreview-titleix-timeline. html? _r=0#/#time12_264Messner, M. A. (2010). Out of Play: Critical Essays on Gender and Sport.

New York: SUNY Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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