Essays on Internet Advertising Effectiveness among Teenagers Research Proposal

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The paper "Internet Advertising Effectiveness among Teenagers" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal.   Internet connectivity and usage have risen rapidly in the last two decades. Today, online communication is one of the most popular methods of passing advertising messages. The internet can be used for communication, entertainment, electronic trade, among other applications(Kotler2004). This study is concerned with the use of the internet as advertising media. In particular, the research seeks to find out how effective internet advertising is in influencing the purchase decisions of teenagers. Many companies that market to the teen demographic are already using internet advertising to sway the purchase intentions of their young audience.

However, the effectiveness of internet advertising on this demographic group has not been investigated adequately. This qualitative study seeks to uncover the opinions of teenagers on the use of the internet as an advertising channel. It will test the hypothesis internet advertising influence the purchase intention of teenage audiences positively. 1.2 Problem statement Many companies that target teenage consumers use millions of dollars on advertising. Majority of these companies are expected to make a massive investment in future online advertisements targeting teenagers.

These companies expect adverts delivered through videos, interactive media, print, audio, email, social networks, banner ads, links and others to be more effective than traditional means of advertising. But will this emphasis on online advertising have any significant effect on the purchase intention of the teenage consumer? A lot of research has focused on the effectiveness of traditional advertising methods, but there is scant research on online advertising. This qualitative study seeks to shed more light on how effective online advertising is likely to be on teenage consumers. Research Objectives The objectives of this research will be: To establish if online advertising has an impact on the purchase intention of teenage consumers? To establish whether teenagers view online advertising as effective ways of delivering market communication to them? To relate purchase intention to internet advertising. Significance of the Study The results of this study have significant implication on the marketing practices of the company’ s that primarily target teenage consumers.

This study will inform marketing organization whether their online advertising strategies are effective. Marketing organizations should seek to understand the effectiveness of their chosen advertising strategies on consumers before adopting any particular approach to advertising (Kotler 2004).

This study will allow marketing companies to make decisions on whether to abandon or intensify their online marketing activities. The study will also provide evidence on whether teenagers view online advertising favorably and how effective the strategy is when used to target teenagers. Chapter Two: Literature Review 2.2 Effectiveness of Internet Advertising Danaher and Mullarkey (2003) conducted a quantitative study that sought to investigate the factors that affect the ability to recall online advertisements. Danaher and Mullarkey (2003) were concerned about the effect of banner style, text, and viewing duration and page complexity on purchase intentions.

The authors reported that site dynamics had little impact on the ability to recall online ads. However, Danaher and Mullarkey (2003) reported significant results that linked page viewing duration to the recall capacity of banner ads.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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