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The paper "Topics and Area of Interest - Entrepreneurship" is an outstanding example of a business essay.   Entrepreneurship has greatly contributed to the development of the world’ s greatest economies in this 21st century. Small companies have grown to be multinational corporations that are now operating globally. One of the reasons behind these great developments was the invention of technology. Most technology has contributed to numerous inventions and innovations, which most entrepreneurs have adopted and implemented in their businesses. This has led to the great success of these multinational corporations that have been aided by resourceful and able networking among the stakeholders involved and the investors, (Stevenson & Jarrilo, 1990). During the course, one of the areas that interested me was the development of social capital.

This is because, in the long term, it helps in achieving great internationalization. The essay will summarize all that I have learnt in this course and the areas that interest me. BodyAreas that interests meStart-upsThey are used in developing and building social capital to achieve great performances and both local and international levels. Different strategies have to be analyzed in order to determine which are best suited in order to conduct different international ventures.

Most startups have emerged and developed due to the innovations brought by the impact of the attest technology that has been adopted by entrepreneurs in the global market (Stevenson, 1997). They are known to improve internationalization performance. This is achieved through strong networking ties with other investors and stakeholders in the industry. Most scholars who have dedicated their time and resources to study this area that is greatly revolving have argued that the industry still faces a number of entrepreneurial and managerial threats to achieve the internationalization process effectively.   Most of the firms that are planning to go global are mostly small firms that have come up with different start-ups (Gibson & Birkinshaw, 2004).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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