Essays on Total Quality Management of Dubai City in Based Companies Report

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The paper "Total Quality Management of Dubai City in Based Companies" is a wonderful example of a report on management. Total Quality Management is one of the management strategies adopted by many organizations as a means of achieving quality in the organization from all angles starting from the customers, suppliers to all other business processes that take place in an organization setting (Total Quality Management). The main goal or rather the aim of adoption of total quality management in the organization is not just to achieve quality, but also to continually improve the level of quality in the operations of the organization.

Over the years, many firms have continually been using TQM as a means of improving their capabilities in all processes so as to attain a fit and a competitive edge over the rest in the market. TQM has provided an incremental flow of improvements in many organizations with the flow of improvements starting from the bottom of the organizations’ hierarchy to the top (Hakes). The main focal point of total quality management is customer satisfaction (Kurtus). In an organization, there exists a chain of customers comprising of both internal and external customers.

Internal customers exist within the organization and they include all the individuals involved in the production processes where else the external customers are the ultimate users of the products being produced. Achieving and improving the quality of the goods produced starts at the beginning of the chain where the workers involved in the production processes present the supervisor with a quality good (Kurtus). If the supervisor is satisfied with the quality of the goods produced, then he/she can dictate the wage of the worker, and in the process, the worker gets to keep his/her job, receives a promotion or a wage rise and the same happens to the supervisor too.

This results in the satisfaction of the internal customers which results in the improvement of the quality of the goods produced. When goods produced are of quality in terms of conformance to specifications, fitness for use, and value for the price paid for results in the satisfaction of the external customers (Kotelnikor).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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