Essays on Trigger Events Impacting the Students Organization Causing Change Essay

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The paper "Trigger Events Impacting the Student’ s Organization Causing Change" is a great example of an essay on business. In the current constantly advancing technological world, business environments face significant daily changes. To be precise, there is a number of changes that organizations all around the globe face in their daily operations. These changes are mainly driven by the need for a business to be successful in meeting their set out goals. In this sense, the banking industry needs to implement a wide set of changes necessary for promoting its day-to-day activities of delivering quality services to its targeted clients (“ Banks unlawfully” , 2013). The main areas that need to be addressed in the implementation of the targeted changes include the subject of mortgage payments by clients.

Regarding this subject, a number of crucial banks in the United States, which include the Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo have, in a number of occasions foreclosed the homes of most of their mortgage customers. This has been due to causes related to payments of mortgages. Among the most important group of people affected by this predicament are military officers.

In addition, more than twenty other bank borrowers faced the same illicit act (“ Banks unlawfully” , 2013). It is absolutely clear that foreclosing one’ s home while he or she is or not on duty results in immense side effects on the victim. In fact, America’ s legal system stipulates that it is against the law to foreclose a military officer’ s home while he is on duty. Therefore, although banks do this based on their goal of promoting business continuity, it is important that the banking industry adopts significant changes and applies a clear program that will be going as per the country’ s legal system.   An example of this includes direct communication to a client’ s employee and the courts to enlighten them on the pending mortgage payments (“ Banks unlawfully” , 2013).   This change will play a huge role in ensuring that military officers are not affected by the issue of home foreclosure, which can result in them not concentrating on their day-to-day duties.

It also aids in ensuring that the banking industry is not held responsible for performing illegal acts on its clients (“ Banks unlawfully” , 2013). Another key change that the banking industry has to put into close consideration is its information security systems.

Most banks in the United States operate both local and online banking transactions. Based on the recent rise and sophistication in cyber attacks, these banks remain highly vulnerable to threats from unauthorized access such as hackers. In simple terms, the banking industry should implement a change of strategy to aid in protecting their respective private data from cyber attacks. This entails the adoption of a strategy that will involve a daily check on any loophole in their computer network configurations.

Therefore, to aid in curbing this predicament, it is important that they implement a program for performing penetration tests on a daily basis (“ Banks unlawfully” , 2013).   Penetration test entails well-strategized scrutiny of the network configurations of an organization. This is very important in ensuring that a bank’ s resources are secured from any kind of cyberattacks. These tests will not only aid in spotting vulnerabilities but also play a huge role in promoting innovative ideas necessary for ensuring that the industry grows well in terms of technological advancement  (“ Banks unlawfully” , 2013).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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