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Essays on Two (2) Reflective Writing Tasks That Relate To The Experience Of Working In A Group At Key Stages Article

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PART 1Business communication consultancy report gave me an opportunity to experience working in a group. I came to learn that giving, receiving and using feedback are all important in the group work. I was given the task of compiling the contributions of members of the group. It was a challenge trying to internalize what exactly everyone was trying to communicate and assimilating into one flowing essay. It was an opportunity of viewing people suggestions from an unbiased perspective and keeping my mind open to divergent ideas. I had my opinion about everyone suggestion but I had to focus on the message without attempting to judge the presenter of the idea.

My patience was trained as we waited for everyone in the group to give his own point of view without trying to be impatient with members of the group who were slow to realize the point being communicated. The final report of the group was a piece that was developed considering all suggestions from the members of the group regardless of their cultural backgrounds. My reading skills were sharpened as I received feedback from the group members before using it in compiling the final report of the group.

From time to time we had to retract and try to help a member who did not comprehend a specific point. The brainstorming session was an eye-opening event and every member had an opportunity to share his personal perspective without the interference of the group members. Nevertheless, we remained focus on the objective of the group and the task that was supposed to be completed. The influence of diverse cultural backgrounds helped us to have variety and many interesting examples in our final report.

The international students in the group were awesome! I learnt a lot when it came to answering questions or responding to contributions by other members in the group. Courtesy and general communication etiquette was perfected during the group meetings. Personal attacks were shunned as all the members tried to play by the rules of the group that encouraged addressing the point raised and not the person raising the point. The significance of feedback in a group discussion was clear to me and I learnt how to apply feedback in many situations.

It was not easy dealing with people from diverse backgrounds at first and one could easily get discouraged in the beginning. Overtime we learnt to tolerate each other and to address the tasks of the group without discouraging any member of the group. Both receiving and giving feedback proved to be challenging to us, but we all understood each others’ weaknesses and strengths during the group meetings. Bridging the gap of cultural and social diversity and focusing on the main issues in the first meetings proved to be very critical.

My temperamental nature had to be tamed and I focused on the values that bind the group together as I read contributions from each group member. The group was a success when it came to feedback. PART 2The group learning experience was vey important for me. Two significant communication skills that I developed in the course of the group process were deciphering informal and formal language and feedback skills. I realized that colloquial language is largely used by students and some of them use it in writing.

Getting the meaning from different colloquial languages was a big challenge for me. Through asking questions I was able to learn everything that wad bring communicated. Many of the group members wrote sentences that were easily understood. Complex sentence structures distorted meaning. However, despite the different abilities in writing, I was able to learn what the other group members were communicating with a lot of ease. Local jargons were mostly used in the communication and whenever I was confronted with a totally new statement I quickly asked for an explanation.

Nevertheless, I tried as much as possible to remain relevant and focus on the main issues of the discussion without trying to be mischievous or troublesome. I came to learn that the environment that someone grows into hugely affects the manner in which he expresses himself. Some of the backgrounds encourage analogies and indirect speeches. Indigenous language had an impact in the way a group member expressed himself more often than not.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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