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The paper "Workshop Rail Museum as a Tourist Destination" is a brilliant example of a term paper on tourism. Introduction Statistics have revealed that in 2010, Australia earned more than $2.160 billion from New Zealand in terms of tourism earnings. However, the New Zealand market is estimated to be worth $4.157 billion which means that the New Zealand market has a big potential for growth. Australia’ s tourism activities in Zealand are managed from Auckland which the official tourism office of Australia (Tourism Queensland, 2010). In 2011, statistics indicate that more than one and half million tourists visited Australia from New Zealand.

This figure was up by 2.8 percent as compared to the number of visitors to Australia in 2010 (Tourism Queensland, 2011). The average length of stay per tourist in Australia was 11 days. The total expenditure per visitor per visit was approximately NZD1550. In total, it means that in 2011, the number of tourism earnings from New Zealand tourists was y more than 2 billion (Tourism Queensland, 2011). The Workshop Rail Museum Overview The Workshop Rail Museum was opened in September 2002. It is regarded as a center for innovation and excellence and due to this, the Museum has continued to receive more than 100,000 annually (European Heritage Association, 2012).

The exhibitions in the museum comprise of 16 interactive sections which offer the story of the culture and heritage of Queensland rail (European Heritage Association, 2012). The sections also provide a rich history of the positive and negative effects the rail has had on state visitors as well as Queenslanders. In addition to the many attractive sections inside the Workshop Rail Museum, operational QR workshops tours provide visitors with thrilling experience as visitors are guided by QR workers from one section to the other around The Workshops Rail Museum (European Heritage Association, 2012).

In order to increase the number of audiences/visitors in The Workshop Rail Museum other than train or rail enthusiasts, different programs, exhibits, and activities have been established (Eleanor, 2005). Heritage and cultural offering of The Workshops Rail Museum The Workshop Raul Museum offers a rich heritage and cultural experience through its programs such as Day out with Thomas (Queensland Holidays, 2012). The key audience targeted by the museum includes families and rail/train enthusiasts, history lovers to mention a few. A specific segment of the target The specific target segments can be explained through the wide range of attractive events and programs offered by The Workshops Rail Museum. Children Programs such as Toyland express can provide children with a thrilling experience because it is an event that encourages children to interact and explore with simple toys as well as the use of trains in children's literature.

Children as young as 2 years up to 10 years can have fascinating experiences through the Toyland express program.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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