Essays on The Impact of the Generation Gap on the Performance at the Workplace, and on the Cooperation Between the Employees Research Proposal

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The paper “ The Impact of the Generation Gap on the Performance at the Workplace, and on the Cooperation Between the Employees" is an intriguing example of a research proposal on human resources. “ The phrase generation gap implies a deep chasm, which opens up between parents and children” . In our societies, we have seen our parents exert a great influence on the subsequent generations in matters relating to the culture, lifestyle, and religion but the question arises is where is that gap, and what can be done to fill this gap? But before going to these questions’ the research will explore in the context of today’ s world the meaning of Generation Gap.

What constitutes a generation, and what is that specific thing or things that link the people together and make the people into one family? ContextThe main question asked will be the impact that the generation gap has on the productivity at the workplace, and the impact it has on the interactions between the workers. In this context, the research will look at some of the methods that have so far been adopted to bridge the issues created by the generation gap at the workplace, besides finding further solutions to the problem.

The context is important given the fact that it is now well accepted that the only way to solve issues of growth is to ensure effective communication between employees. This needs not to be marred by issues of the generation gap. Generation Gap Literature ReviewThe prevalence of the generation gap is often a heated topic in context to domestic affairs and among families all over the world. We often hear our elders complaining about the type of dress we are wearing our lifestyle and several choices that defy previous societal conventions.

However, change is the norm of this world. It has occurred when our parents were also young and before that when grandparents were young too. They all have to face some questions from their parents. The sum of these differences along with several causes is what known as the Generation Gap. Generation gap refers to anytime there is a vast difference in cultural standards and values between a younger generation and their elders.

This gap develops when younger and older people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, behaviors, values, habits, and opinions. Although such gaps have existed throughout history, the term generation gap gained widespread acceptance in the 1960s as a way to describe the cultural differences between the baby boomers and their parents (Froehlich and Froehlich, 2006). According to the “ generational” school of thought, the idea of defining a generation and thereby creating differences from one to the other is the values that are created and imprinted for the duration of an entire life.

These are historical events that take place as people mature from children and enter adulthood, and are defined by the norms in society, the present technological nuances and the growth structures and belief systems that define a given societal structure at that given point in time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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