Essays on Principles of Strategic Management as Applicable to CEMEX Report

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The paper “ Principles of Strategic Management as Applicable to CEMEX” is a motivating example of the report on management. CEMEX is a global leader in construction materials. The company supplies cement and other building materials. CEMEX was started with the launching of Cementos Hidalgo. It was formed as a result of two companies amalgamating. The growth of CEMEX has risen as a result of the company acquiring more plants all over Mexico. After some years of operation, the company went public on the Mexico Stock Exchange. CEMEX became the largest construction company after acquiring three plants from Guadalajara Cementos.

The company has significantly grown as it has overseas markets, which has increased its exports. Additional acquirement of Mexican cement companies has made CEMEX be among the largest cement production companies worldwide. CEMEX has proven an expansion production of approximately 25 tons daily (Landroit, Chan & HSBC Global Research 2007). The scope of the ReportThe report has been collected in consideration of data and information from the CEMEX annual reports, the company periodicals, CEMEX’ s website, and other sources. The company’ s scope is outlined: Company’ s backgroundThe major challenges that face the company and the entire industryStrategic opportunities, conclusion, and recommendation to the company managementCEMEX’ s Mission, Values and VisionThe company’ s objective is to become more flexible in their operation, more creative in the commercial offerings, more sustainable in their utilization of resources, more innovative in carrying out the global business, and efficient in their capital distribution. MissionCEMEX company's mission is to ensure that the customers are provided with quality construction services at competitive and fair prices.

It also seeks to ensure continued expansion of the company through referral and repeat business obtained by consumer satisfaction.

Further, it seeks to maintain the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, honesty in their relations with the suppliers. CEMEX also wants to provide the working environment for its employees.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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