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The paper "Use of Social Media in Marketing" is a good example of an essay on marketing. With the progressive change in technology, virtually everything is going digital. Marketing, one of the most fundamental aspects of business is among the most notable elements that have taken a digital stance. Apparently, digital marketing, also referred to as online promotion, makes prominent use of social media. Following the rate at which e-commerce is becoming popular; every major company has full profiles on such social media sites as Twitter. Apparently, there are many reasons why social media is a common advertising platform in the contemporary world (Wind & Mahajan 2001).

Similarly, there are various pros and cons of such forms of advertising. It s noteworthy that, just like any other people-oriented approach, social media marketing has various ethical issues surrounding it. Researchers have tried to explain various social media issues from different perspectives. Even so, there are certain perspectives that are common to all market researchers. This paper is a deep explication of the various ethical issues surrounding the use of social media as a medium of marketing. Ethical issues surrounding the use of social media in marketing Ethics has been described as a set of principles that describe that which is acceptable from all that which is considered immoral or socially unacceptable.

Talking of social media, ethical issues are those things relating to unacceptable conduct or activities that affect the comfort of the users in a negative sense. Social media is a controversial medium of marketing since people using such sites have different cultural backgrounds (Richardson et al 2010). Different cultural backgrounds perceive different activities differently.

For instance, some cultures do not have considerations for trust and privacy. On the contrary, people from such cultures as the oriental Chinese cultures are reserved and have a high regard for privacy. As such, people from different places perceive things differently. Apparently, privacy is the most significant ethical issue surrounding the use of the internet, especially social media sites. Privacy, also referred to as confidentiality implies that a user should be protected from unwanted intrusion such as unwanted emails. Social media marketing involves the sending of mass emails to prospective customers as well as existing clients.

Such emails are among those that users describe as unwanted correspondence that only works to fill their email addresses. Apparently, when an individual receives an email from companies, as part of the mass communication marketing efforts, their mails appear on the screens of all those people that have received copies of the same (Levinson & Gibson 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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