Essays on Uses and Gratification of Facebook - Weak Points about Questionnaire for Students in Australian Universities Research Paper

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The paper “ Uses and Gratification of Facebook - Weak Points about Questionnaire for Students in Australian Universities” is an intriguing version of the research paper on marketing. To gain maximum advantage from a survey it is of prime importance that the questionnaire is developed in a correct manner, circulated to the correct sample space, the sample size should be appropriate and the method of collection of feedback is adequate. This report analyses a questionnaire which has been prepared to identify the manner in which Facebook is used by Australian students. This research will help to understand the various important factors through which Facebook can attract more users towards it.

The report mainly looks to examine the manner in which a questionnaire should be drafted by analyzing a questionnaire which has already been drafted. Other key factors which the report throws light are the identification of population size, selection of the best sample, sampling methods and other important aspects of sampling and finally considering the different aspects which have to minutely study for the preparation of an online questionnaire. Thus, in a nutshell, the report will help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of research which will ultimately help to identify a path through which better results shall be obtained in an easier way. Analysis of QuestionnaireDesigning of a correct questionnaire is an important element to carry out the research.

The questionnaire which has already been designed for the research by the name “ Uses and Gratification of Facebook” highlights the different questions to be asked across the sample space. The questionnaire has a set of 26 questions which mostly focuses on close-ended questions as open-ended questions merely ask for numbers and thereby won’ t be lengthy and will be short and precise.

The questionnaire has been segmented into different sections like self-expression, social investigation, social media, social connection, popularity and respondent information to focus on different points and provide a better understanding of the same. Further, the questionnaire is a structured questionnaire as it clearly highlights the different areas and questions which are to be asked to the respondent. The same format is forwarded to all respondents making it easier to evaluate and ensuring that all respondents are measured in an unbiased manner with the same parameters (Belson, 2001). A striking feature of the questionnaire titled “ Uses and Gratifications of Facebook” is that the questionnaire tends to use a sequence of close-ended questions which is mostly used for research, familiar questions and limited variances in responses thus helping the respondents to complete the questionnaire and survey in an effective manner. Strong Points about QuestionnaireAnalyzing the questionnaire titled “ Uses and Gratifications of Facebook” highlights the following strong points The structured form of the questionnaire: The questionnaire has been designed in a structured format which is mostly used as a means to carry out research and is aimed to understand the nature of some group acting as a complement for a previously carried out exploratory research.

It helps to identify the attitude of a large population and thus ensuing to provide valuable information and provide better results. (Taylor and Lynn, 2008). Clear identification of research objective: The questionnaire has been so drafted that it provides the respondent with a clear understanding of the objective of the research. This indeed helps the respondents to respond in an unbiased manner and help them to understand the parameter on which they need to respond (Taylor and Lynn, 2008).

Clear identification of the research objective will further ensure that an incorrect sample gets rejected very onset thus saving time for both the surveyor and the respondents. Arranging into separate sub-themes: The questionnaire has been arranged into separate sub-themes where each section clearly highlights its purpose. Different sections that have been highlighted in the questionnaire which are self-expression, social investigation, popularity, social connection, social media and respondents' information which helps the respondents to understand that the survey is all about information need and unbiased in all manner. Clear, Simple & Specific Questions: The very fact that the questionnaire will be passed to the respondents and no interviewer will be present during the filling of the questionnaire, the questionnaire has thus been designed in simple, clear and with specific questions to ensure maximum information in a correct manner (Yu and Cooper, 2003).

This objective has been ensured in a very minute way so as to make the respondents understand the questions with ease and direct their responses in a specific direction. Each question measures one thing: Each question in the questionnaire has been drafted and formulated with an objective to measure a single variable thus ensuring no ambiguity and discrepancy in the minds of the respondents and enable them to provide correct responses.

(Yu and Cooper, 2003). Questions are free from ambiguity: Each question ensures that it has no double or hidden meaning and it seeks to only ensure the highest level of information from the respondents. The same is being supported by the fact that questions are very specific and ensure better understanding and no ambiguity to the respondents. Proper sequencing of questions: The questionnaire has been drafted in a sequential and coordinated manner focusing on single objectives.

This will help the respondent to understand the different aspects of the questionnaire and ensure timely and unbiased responses.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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