Essays on Valuation and Property Rights Case Study

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The paper "Valuation and Property Rights" is a perfect example of a case study on social science. The claim is a request for a benefit in which a claimant believes is entitled to but no agreement has been reached yet. This is where the claimant has suffered or is suffering some losses in which he/she believes that there should be some compensation by the one causing the loss. Before any compensation to take place there should some evaluation conducted so that the loss is quantified in monetary terms. In this case, Roy Scroggins home and source of income are to forcefully taken by the government so as to the construction of the Dullsville Dual Carriage as the road through Dullsville Crescent where his property is.

This will be a great loss to him and his family as they built a home there to cut on rent expenses and also established a shop that has been a source of income. Heads of claim refer to a particular category of circumstances under which claims can be compensated. In Roy’ s case value of land in which the property is built should be considered because had he sold the property the land price would have been inclusive.

In most cases, land appreciates in value or at least remains the same and thus that should be paid for. Disturbance fees refer to costs and losses incurred as a result of being disturbed from the property like in his case. There should also be home-loss payment and there should also be re-housing by the relevant authorities. Roy should seek professional advice because once a notice to treat has been served one should submit a claim within 21 days and more so because of this formed part of his retirement plan.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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