Essays on Issues of Relativity and Evolution Assignment

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The paper "Issues of Relativity and Evolution" is a wonderful example of an assignment on science. Scientific discovery plays a significant role in the development of human culture. In the twentieth century, developments in quantum physic had significant impact on American societies. Americans became the first witnesses of the potentials of modern physic. Indeed, quantum physic had a cultural larger cultural effect than the Darwin theory of natural selection. Unlike the dawn’ s theory of natural selection, American scholars developed most of the quantum theories, with Einstein being the leading scientist. Furthermore, quantum physics had a significant influence on World War II and the cold war, and the rise of the information age.

These occurrences transformed the views of ordinary Americans on science and inventions. SputnikSputnik 1 was the first manmade object to be launched into an orbit around the earth by the Soviet Union. The satellite came as a surprise to the Americans and it has sparked the so-called Sputnik crisis. This was followed by the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Indeed, the launch did promote fear among Americans.

Lack of efficient communication systems led people into believing that the Soviets had ill motives against the Americans. However, the launch stimulated hope among the scientist concerning successful launches. The last Apollo mission happened in 1972, exactly 15 years after the launch of sputnik. The 15-year period remains the most vibrant period in history in terms of scientific discovery and the advancement of space technology. Indeed, the period brought unity among Americans. Big ScienceBig sciences have a role in the achievement of larger scientific endeavors. The big science projects, attempt to provide a response to the big scientific questions that have evaded scientists for years.

Consequently, the projects have popularized science. In particular, Big Sciences have sparked interests among young scholars. For instance, NASA activities, the latest being the Curiosity Project on Mars, have attracted millions of people across the globe. Other projects such as the CERN Large Hadron Collider have immense potential in the development of science. Science FictionAs a genre, science fiction often incorporates visions of utopia, dystopia, or uneasiness regarding the role of science within society.

For instance, the movie Armitage II depicts a world controlled by cyborgs. The movie raises fears on future developments in science particularly robotics and space science. In another movie The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), the filmmaker illustrates the impact of space-age on humanity. This movie raises the big question of astronomy. Are we alone in the universe?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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