Essays on Writings of Murakami and Calvino Assignment

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The paper "Writings of Murakami and Calvino" is a wonderful example of an assignment on literature. This assignment involves summation of Murakami interview content that is part two of his writings from page 304 to 345. The content is compared with the writings of Calvino in his “ the lost regiment” and “ beheading the heads” .  The second part of Murakami's writings dwells on “ The Place That Was Promised” after the interviews concerning the horrible gas attack committed by Aum Shinrikyo members, Murakami talked of a better place (Murakami 304-345). Murakami introduces the second part by assessing why people would believe in Aum while others do not.

This leads to a question of why should not some people be able to consider deeply about matters that are not directly pertinent to society. “ The problem lies in the fact that Aum Shinrikyo was one of the few havens for such people. .." (304). personally, I believe that the whole concept of thinking concerning life critically is much understated. It appears the entire Aum system is intended so that individuals can trick themselves into accepting they do not want anything.

As an interviewee described, it was a method to turn the unenthusiastic aspects of individuals’ life into positive ones, and a manner to acquire respect (Murakami 304-345). According to Calvino, in “ Beheading the Heads” leaders has the knowledge of their journey once they have been elected. This is confirmed by the response he gets when he asked if respondents were sad leaders were being killed after terms. “ What can you do? If someone agrees to be a leader he knows how he’ ll end up. ” (144). this is relevant with choices people made in Aum case and also real-world incidences.

However, when the people decided to amputate the leaders not to kill them change was realized. “ This system of pruning leaders bore excellent results. ” (153) this is a revelation that promised land can be shaped by circumstances. The lost regiment is a case of preparedness at a whole time to meet the objectives. The soldiers on seeing “ the city before them, so quiet and good-natured, minding its own business” (54), they felt imprudent. The place that was promised is not easy to attain unless one is focused and geared to the task.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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