Essays on Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods by Nichols Article

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The paper "Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods by Nichols" is a worthy example of an article on psychology. The readings of this module are generally informative and provide powerful tools for understanding deeper concepts about family therapy. However, the readings have some key points that act as a foundation of the entire detailed information. One of the points of the reading is that Systematic Theory can serve as a treatment technique in family therapy. Another important point is that the Systems Theory applied in family therapy is slightly different from its ordinary form used in normal psychological treatment (Nichols, 2013).

The difference particularly relates to the wide application and dependency on genograms. With a genogram, Systems Theory can help a therapist explore deeper details of a family system to understand the basis of a given problem facing a given family. Another key point in the study is that Communication is an important technique of Family therapy, mostly depended on Strategic Family Therapists. In addition, Strategic Family Therapy is a broad method of treatment that encompasses other methods such as Systems Theory, Functional Family Theory, Structural Theory, and Problem-Solving Therapy among others.

From the readings, an experienced counselor or family therapist may understand that flexibility as to the choice of techniques of treatment is the best way to establish and conduct an effective treatment process. This relates to the fact that different techniques such as the Attachment Theory, Systemic Theory, Strategic Theory, and Structural Approach among others can address different concerns and levels in the same treatment process (Nichols, 2013). As a therapist, one should have knowledge of all existing treatment theories and be ready to apply them in the treatment process.

Among the insights provided by the readings is that a genogram can form a good tool in treating a family whose problem(s) seem to have a generational cause. Another insight is that Strategic Family Therapy can serve as an all-inclusive method of family therapy. This is because Strategic Family Therapy applies many if not all other methods of family therapy. It encompasses Structural Therapy, concepts of Systems Theory, Cybernetic concepts, Functional Theory and Solution-based Theory among others (Nichols, 2013). Prior to class discussion, one could not think that the common Psychological theories such as Attachment, Systems, Structural and Solution-Focused Theories can serve as treatment techniques in family Therapy (Nichols, 2013).

Initially, one could think that applying different techniques in treating the same problem could lead to conflicts that could jeopardize effective treatment. However, it is now clear that applying different techniques at different levels of treatment can work as the best and most reliable way of solving family problems.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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