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The paper “ The Making of an Effective Work Team" is a wonderful example of the essay on human resources. A team is a group of people collaborating to reach a shared goal for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. The concept of a work team revolves around the act of people grouping as a team, like in sports, where the aim is uniform. Formulating a work team involves bringing together different personalities to form a unit workforce where the diversity in each individual’ s personality, temperament, ego, and character should be harnessed to bring out the best in the team instead of it being a divisive factor.

The team cannot function without a central point of authority hence the need to have a team leader or a team manager. The team manager is the one charged with the responsibility of searching and enlisting members to a team. Forming a teamThe process of forming a team undergoes various stages. In team management courses, the stages are listed as forming, storming, norming and performing. What the team goes through in the first stage is that the members try to temporarily give up their individuality so as not to be accused of hindering the smooth running of the team's activities.

Still, they may do so to avoid confrontations and disagreements. (Lois, 2001) It is at this stage where one is bound to withhold his/her opinion on a certain issue just to avoid running against the popular flow of thought. In the second stage, members can no longer contain their differences after enduring one another in the first stage. Unless utmost care is taken, a team will disintegrate at this stage.

The norming stage is reached if only the members are able to successfully solve their differences that arose in the second stage. In order to forge forward, members need to appreciate their differences but are driven forward by hunger to excel and accomplish their common goal. The fourth and final stage is where the fruits of the team’ s labor are visible. For a team manager to come up with the most effective team that is bound to last till the accomplishment of the task, there are some issues that he is supposed to put into consideration concerning the members that he is to recruit. MembershipThe team leader is solely responsible for bringing together members of his team.

In his search for members he should not look for well-balanced individuals, but rather individuals who balance well with each other. The members should also be committed to the realization of the common goal of the team no matter how long it takes. As such the manager should bear in mind the difference between a group and a team. A team is a group yes, of people with a high level of interdependence directed towards realizing a common goal where else a group is the number of people with a unifying factor.

The team manager himself should definitely possess the leadership qualities that are adept with leaders. Basically he is the one responsible for the overall team performance. The team manager thus decides on the number of members in his team as determined by the amount of work the team intends to carry out. This ensures there are enough manpower and no duplication of roles.

In order to be sure of expertise and cross-functionality of the team, the team manager should ensure that the team members are from different sections of the organization, for example, a research on the performance of a certain brand in a market should draw membership from marketing, public relations, and branding personnel so as to complement one another's knowledge. (Lois, 2001)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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