Essays on Influence of Employee Performance in Google Research Proposal

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The paper "Influence of Employee Performance in Google" is a perfect example of a management research proposal.   Munyon (2010 p1505) behaviors at work refer to employee/employer function interaction and the work environment. In this regard, the work environment refers to all factors of the organizational systems. Performance is achieved through behaviors interplay. Google is a leading search engine in the internet (About Google P1). Founded in 1998, Google specializes in internet-related products and services. These include online software, cloud computing, search and advertising technologies. Google has attracted so much attention to people from all walks of the world.

It has not only, eased how people gather and synthesize information on the internet, but also it has become an employment platform for many people. It gains its profits primarily from AdWords, an advertising service that ensures that advertising services online are placed in the top list of results of a search. The mission of Google is to organize information from all corners of the world and ensure that it is accessible to everyone and is useful (Google p1). Google depends on great professional so as to come up with a great product.

Currently, Google has more than 40,000 employees that back up the tools used on the internet such as Search and Chrome. Majority of the employee are software developers (Google Company p1). Product development works hand in hand with research. This explains why many Googlers are people with exemplary knowledge who have attained high levels of education; most of them solving challenging computer science problems. Google is rich in technical problems that call for a solver, and therefore most Google problems are handled from bottom-up.

Unlike many organizations, Google offers flexible and different employment opportunities for different persons at different times and even an existing employee can switch to a speciality that fits his/her comfort and exposure. The CEO is approachable and free to respond to any question from other Googlers regardless of their level (Google company p3). It is the exciting challenges brought in by vast data capacity and complete systems scale that brings the uniqueness and satisfaction that working in Google gives to the employees (Work at Google p1). Answering the research question is fundamental to help us understand how employees in Google can keep up to the task and mission of Google and ensure it remains the leading search engine within the internet. Aims To understand the work environment at Google. To find out factors that influence the performance of the employee in Google Objectives To find out how can employees in Google improve their performance? To find out what factors can affect employee performance in Google? To investigate what challenges employees in Google face in their work environment? Literature review Ripley (2002 p1) & Crlson (2011 p772) studies show that 2/3 of problems of employee performance arise from the work environment rather than the workers.

Over the years, many organization and studies have proposed in fixing the employees as a solution to good performance (Ripley 2002 p1). Such forms of employees fixing strategies that have been employed include employees’ discipline, training, and development of systems, planning of career and instituting systems that enhance performance management geared towards goal setting (Ripley 2002 p2).


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