Essays on What Social Implications Would Be Of Turkey Joining EU(opposition From EU) Coursework

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Social implications of Turkey joining EUOne of the hottest topics of the century is Turkey joining EU. Inner forces like resistance from existing EU alliances are keeping Turkey at length, hence, preventing its alliance with EU. It’s been two and a half decades since Turkey has files an application to join EU, the matter is still as cold as ice. No reaction or response has been observed against this application but a mere negativity and raged resistance from existing alliances, especially Germany. New on the forum is that after eighteen years of first application, it has been now allowed and welcomed to formal negotiations with the panel, on becoming a member.

Arkin (2006, pp. 57-179) explains that the whirling situation emerged when Austria (another existing member) vacated its demand that Turkey should be offered an option a little short of full membership. This is one of the possibilities that were being and possibly be offered but Turkey unequivocally rejected this. Although President of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso has directed that Turkey's entry into the EU not going to be "guaranteed or automatic either".

In amassing the membership talks with Turkey, Austrian government have been behaving like what any rational person might call being “outrageous”. For a country, allied with the EU, to be using its position to endanger the political or economic future of an aspirant country is extremely inexcusable. This has been the actual scene at the backend which is being practiced by both Austria and Germany. Germany has been reported to give really strong and challenging statements about this issue. German statements that stalwartly oppose and contend Turkey's EU Membership include are; Angela Merkel (CDU), German chancellor, on May 11, 2009, said about Turkey that there should not be a membership but a privileged partnership.

Before that in a symposium with the President of France she said that, “Accepting Turkey to the EU is out of question. " "Turkey's accession would overtax the EU, " said Wolfgang Schauble (CDU), German minister of finance. He has mentioned six rationales, on his website, against Turkey's EU concurrence; Giving Iraq, Syria, and Iran some border and room in EU would not make people feel that EU has some specific and distinct boundaries.

The main concern of Germany is the success of European assimilationWe don’t want to leave our Turkish friends behind. We believe in having brawny corporation with Turkey but that does not state that Turkey can be admitted to the EUThe issue related to Turkey's EU membership, has nothing to do with it’s being a great democratic Muslim country. Being at the place of full member of the European Union, Turkey might not be able to perform its role as a bridge between EU members and non-EU alliancesThe relationship of Germany with Turkey does not depend upon Turkey’s admittance to the EU faction.

The integration can be successful enough even without Turkey’s alliance with the EUTurkey is one of the purest democratic governments, which gives complete and free religious rights to its Christian minorities. Turkey, thus stands out from the rest of the world including Europe in giving religious freedom to its minorities, other than the Muslim majority

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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