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The paper “ Why Has Billabong Clothing Got 10 Points on Total Weighing Scale as a Result of a Buyer's Visit? ” is a   breathtaking variant of a research paper on marketing. I am a twenty-five-year-old student undertaking a Bachelor in Commerce, majoring in Marketing, at Central Queensland University, Australia, where I am doing an exchange semester. I am actually a German student, presently, I am living in the US. Because of the mystery shopping, in service and relationship marketing lecture, I am commissioned to be a mystery shopper at Billabong (clothing), in an effort to quantify and qualify their service.

I personally have a preference, when it comes to fashion, design, and choice. 1.2 PreparationsAlthough I am a lover of fashion, I have neither known nor visited the Billabong (clothing) at Burleigh Heads, Queensland, in Australia. Since, I was scheduled to carry out the analysis in two days' time, 17th March 2011; I decided to gather enough information about Billabong. I checked the website and found the Billabong (clothing) Website (http: //www. billabonggirls. com. au/), I felt happy because it would serve as a reliable source (Moschino 2011). However, I could not locate specific information about where exactly they are located, this even annoyed me.

So I went ahead and tried to Google search map to Billabong (clothing) stores, I found one, but it never gave clear direction. Since I didn’ t have a vehicle; I was to connect the Brisbane City Council bus routes 411, which run directly from the University of Queensland to Billabong in Queensland. On the higher side, I was attracted to the products they sold. Specifically, I wanted to purchase the Perisher Chambray Shirt that was going for AU $79.99.

In quality, the kind of fashion and perfumes advertised on the Website were wonderful. They increased my pleasure to reach the store and I felt that their products were the best. I also expect that the prices would be favorable, as indicated in the advertised products. Unfortunately, they never gave any clarification on the ingredients of the perfumes; this seemed risky to me, for I was allergic to some type of perfume ingredients. Getting to the StoreAlthough my journey from Brisbane City was just a few hours long, between the university and Queensland it felt like an eternity, but quite expensive, $20.

I was due in the Billabong (clothing) at 7:00 pm to meet the long-awaited opportunity shopping day beforehand. I figured that Billabong (clothing) shopping therapy was the best therapy for the day’ s turbulence. Though excited for days yet undertaking, I had already been disappointed by the high fare to the store. The actual VisitOn arrival, a huge white box of a building with cylindrical windows and blue awnings, grounded me straight away, with its array of $100.00 and over clothes, not to mention the biggest assortment of formal gowns I had yet experienced.

It was all very intimidating, when I approached the reception I was assumed to be well versed with the shop. Moreover, the employees were not friendly at all, also, on request of a brochure to guide me on my shopping, they never bothered to give a reply. I felt annoyed because the store seemed too big. As I walked along the corridors, clothes looked well, but not as what I had expected for an international fashion company.

No employee was available to guide me on the way to go, so I regrettably went along the corridors when very exasperated.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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