Essays on Windows System Admin Assignment Math Problem

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$strusr1 = "Seinfeld"$strusr2 = "Barry"$strusr3 = "Steve"$strusr4 = "Judith"$newuser1 = $target. create("user", "cn=" + $strusr1)$newuser2 = $target. create("user", "cn=" + $strusr2)$newuser3 = $target. create("user", "cn=" + $strusr3)$newuser4 = $target. create("user", "cn=" + $strusr4)## now set the country$newuser1.c = "USA"$newuser2.c = "USA"$newuser3.c = "Austria"$newuser4.c = "Austria"task 4:[diagnostics. process]: :start("notepad. exe"). WaitForExit()task 5:Write-Host "Counting Installed Products. This may take a little while. "$product = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product$countedProduct = $product. countWrite-Host "There are" + $countedProduct + "products installed. "Task 7:Domain Name System (DNS) provides a structure for a network of devices to identify and locate other devices on a network. A client on thenetwork that wishes to communicate with another client on the network transmits a request to a DNS server.

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be used by the client and/or the other client/server to provide access tothe Internet and communicate with one another. The requests and responses may be sent as packets using User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which allows the networked computers to communicate with one another in a standardized fashion. The request, sent by the client to the DNS server, has a unique IP address associated with the other client and is transmitted using, for example, Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

The DNS server may then identify a resource record associated with the unique address and provides zones and address information of the other client in a response transmitted back to the requesting client. The client may now identify the other client and communicate with the other client using the address information. This will result in reduction of DNS traffic. DNS caches may be provided to reduce the traffic on DNS servers. A result of a queue may be stored in a DNS cache for a predefined duration.

Subsequent queues may identify the result using the DNS cache. ISP client browsers and other access points may provide variations of DNS server/cache functions. Task 8:To recover a deleted file on a disk, you must modify its entry in the root directory replacing the �sigma� with �_�. �sigma� indicates file was deleted. Assuming file is not fragmented, then recovery is easy. Bitstream copy of a disk is easy to recover when data is not fragmented otherwise you need to do manual reconstruction. Also look for data swap files, unallocated space and other this is called carving files with windows. Task 9:Likely causes for the problem are as below: 1.

Admin tools Routing and Remote Access is not configured. 2. It might be a license issue. 3. Win 2K3 will only accept 2 Remote connections. 4. Problem with the firewall. The corrective actions for above mentioned problems are listed below. 1. Check the "Users" Tab in "Task Manager" to ensure that there are no allocated but Disconnected Users. 2.To enable the RDP service on Windows Server 2003 follow the next steps: 1.Go to Control Panel.

2. Click System. 3. Go to the Remote tab. 4. Select the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" box. 5. Click Ok. 3. Go to the control panel and open the firewall icon. Under exceptions make sure the File and printer sharing are checked and also make sure remote access is checked too.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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