Essays on Impacts of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair on Britain during and after Their Term in the Country Case Study

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The paper "Impacts of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair on Britain during and after Their Term in the Country" is a great example of a politics case study.   This paper focuses on the impacts of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair on Britain during and after their term in the country. It seeks to carry out an analysis of the two prime ministers of Britain during their specific terms in power and their impacts on the country. The paper also looks at various aspects and parts of the country and the effects of the two prime ministers during the specific times in history (Foley 2002).

For instance, it looks at the economics and politics of Britain and the changes they experienced during the terms of Tony and Margaret. It is also important to note that Tony and Margaret had an impact on the image of Britain to other countries in the world as at the time of their terms. The paper also analyzes their impacts by comparing and contrasting their impacts on the country during their years in power. Margaret was in power as Britain’ s prime minister from the year 1979 to the year 1990.

She made history by serving as a prime minister for the longest years. Tony was in power between 1997 and 2007. The two prime ministers had their achievements as they served in Britain and this paper analyzes them in details below. Margaret Thatcher She was in the Britain government as a prime minister for a period of about eleven years but before then she was a member of parliament for Finchley. Margaret was the first female prime minister of Britain. During her time in the British government as a member of parliament, Margaret acted as the First Lord of the Treasury.

She was also the minister for the civil servant in Britain while still acting as the Member of Parliament for Finchley. Margaret was then appointed as the prime minister of Britain in May 4th 1979 until November 28th 1990. She resigned from this position (Foley 2002). In the international sector, she had an effect on world economics because of her positive policies. Some of such policies were showing that capitalism and democracy can be the best forms of political economy in the world.

She also had a great influence on Britain’ s image in the United States because of her friendship with the then president of America, Ronald Reagan. Another impact Margaret had on the image of the country was the impact on the European Community (EU). She held a negotiation with the EU regarding the budget, commonly known as the European Community budget. She was able to vanquish communism in the economies of the world, therefore, improving how the world viewed Britain at that time. Thatcher is also famous for her contribution to ending the cold war in Britain.

This had a great impact on the image of the country in the outside world. This is because the world viewed Britain as a great country because it was able to end the war (Davies 2010). Margaret positively impacted the defence ties with other countries like the United States, especially in the Westland affair. Her rule also marked the deployment of nuclear forces of Britain.


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