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Prisons officers and the Human Rights approach to imprisonmentIntroductionThe Human Rights body has over the years developed a model that is convenient for prison management. These models are in regard to the statues of human rights as far as the treatment of prisoners is concerned. The human rights approach to imprisonment constitutes of policies, objectives and core values that give guidelines on how prisoners ought to be treated. It is apparent that convicted prisoners are people with special needs since their needs mainly lie in behavioral reform. In a bid to address the special issues surrounding the treatment of prisoners the Human rights established a framework that has proved to be beneficial to prisons officers who work in close contact with prisoners.

Nevertheless, there exist some obstacles that stand in the way of treating prisoners as recommended by international instruments. It is evident that if prison officers are to uphold the recommended human rights approach of treating prisoners they will need extensive support and training (Ward & Astrid 628-643). This paper seeks to present and incisive and comprehensive report on the human right approach to imprisonment.

This report will investigate how prison officers who work in direct contact with the prisoners can benefit from the human rights approach to imprisonment. The reports will also examine the difficulties that stand in the way of prison officers such that they cannot treat prisoners in a way that is recommended by the international instruments. Moreover, this report will discuss the ways in which extensive and support and training can be given to prison officers in order for them to comply with the stipulations of the Human Rights (Andrews 215).

Benefits of human rights approach to prison officersAccording to the stipulations of the Human Rights all prisoners are considered as human beings regardless of the fact that they have lost their liberty rights. Nevertheless, their right to equality and human dignity need to be upheld. The human rights standards of imprisonment further stipulates that all persons deprived of liberty shall be treated with respect and humanity. Penitentiary systems according to the standards of the human rights should treat prisoners with the essential purpose of social rehabilitation and reformation.

Prison officers who work in close contact with prisoners undergo numerous challenges as they take part in the behavioral reform process of the convicted prisoners. These officers are given the responsibility of hold prisoners safely and releasing them back to the society when they are reformed. In most cases the functions of prison officers involves carrying out tasks that are extremely stressful and demanding. In the course of conducting these tasks the rights and freedoms of the prison officers are safe guarded by human rights (Graham & Arthur 193).

The frame work of human rights instruments such as the Universal Declaration of human rights and the European Prison Rules among many others provides guidelines that help prison officers conduct their duties through practices and policies that are humane, disciplined and lawful. By incorporating such principles in the prisons facilities, their daily conduct is strengthened and the dignity of their profession is upheld. It is worth noting that detained persons do not cease to be humans regardless of the kind of crime that they committed. The court of law decrees that their liberty should be deprived however their humanity should not be forfeited.

Human rights standards accentuates to the incumbent prison administrators to exercise humane approaches in dealing with prisoners in order dignify their profession (Alston 12).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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