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Task: Business Document Dear It is with profound care that we write you this letter concerning your complaint of the reduced price tag of Apple iPhone 4 by $200. For the purpose of ensuring we continue serving you with our electronic products at affordable prices and quality, the company wishes to make some clarifications in response to your grievances. Concerning reduction of prices of our commodities, there are stipulated policies that are followed by the company. First, during special occasions such as holidays and weekends, the company always decides to give offers of it iPhones to maximize sales and serve its client base effectively.

This is guided by several factors. For instance, the supply and demand in the market and experience and liking of our clients affects the company’s mode of pricing. On that note, the Apple iPhone products have been upgraded from iPhone 1 up to 4. This is meant to ensure that customers receive modern products that conform to the advent of new technologies. Therefore, the latest products that our clients receive are offered with a warranty of one year to ensure that clients receive products of their choice without stigmatization. Another issue is concerned with reaching customers who have not been able to enjoy our products in Canada and other parts of the world.

Apple Company was founded on the principle of serving a generation that is dependent on fast technology that has advanced features of attaining their targets. Therefore, apart from iPhone, iPads, iMacs, iPods and other products from Apple that is sold in various parts of Canada and other countries; the company still maintains its motto of setting the trend of technology.

However, this does not mean we forget our loyal customers like you. This means when many citizens have iPhones and iPods then problems of communication and usage will reduce dependence on those who possess such products. Similarly, the Apple Company and its board of management have decided to offer its customers like you who bought the iPhone 4 at its initial price certain benefits. For example, you will receive another iPhone product from AT & T or Apple as means of rewarding customer loyalty.

Additionally, loyal customers stand a chance of acquiring $100 of store credit for every product bought from Apple Retail stores. The company will also be rewarding customers who raise complaints and comments concerning our products with electronic accessories such as laptop bags, keyboards and mouse among other others. Finally, the Apple Company decided to make the reduction of the iPhone 4 by $200 in consideration to the issues of discounts and cutoff prices. As a strategy of corporate responsibility, Apple reduces the prices of some its products to increase sales for charity and sponsorships.

This aim at helping those who are in need and assist bright students especially in impoverished areas of Canada. Furthermore, considering the fewer resources the company uses in the current century to assemble products such as iPhones and iMacs, it feels the guilt of short-changing its customers like you who appreciate our products. Therefore, Apple Company wishes to repeat to that its corporate motto is to satisfy its clients first with new and advanced products at affordable prices. These products must be in tandem with the technology in terms of usability and applicability in places of work and schools.

Therefore, receive our deep apologies for the disappointment as we promise to meet your high expectations. Yours Sincerely, Communication Officer, Apple Inc. Work Cited Lele, Milind and Sheth, Jagdish. The customer is key: gaining an unbeatable advantage through customer satisfaction. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. 2009. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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