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The paper "The UK Market in the Allocated Company " is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Research on marketing is a vital and very important way in the development of marketing strategy. It engages activities such as a collection of information to give interested personnel an insight that deals with the mind of the customers which would, in turn, assist in the knowledge of the preferences of the customers, methods in which they use to gather their information on products, as well as their places of residence. Description of Clarks shoes This is a company that deals with shoes for all ages and sex.

It engages in designing of the foot wares, innovation as well as the manufacturing of the millions of shoes it sells yearly. Two brothers namely James and Cyrus were the founders of Clarkes in the year 1825. This business spread to several countries that it became popular in more than 35 countries. Their growth is due to the business ethics the company upholds; approaching its customers with respect, integrity, and honesty. History of Clarkes In the year 1825, in the village of Somerset were James Clark was working at his brother’ s tannery, a flash of inspiration came across him.

That was the idea of slippers. He began his innovation by a simple stitch of slipper made of sheepskin. Over the years since then, a revolution has taken place from the simple sheepskin to sandals, sneakers, wedge shoes, office wear among others. Situational Analysis The Clarkes’ company operates within shoes for everyone. Its market revolves around official shoes for women and men, school shoes for children of sexes, casual shoes, and shoes for sports among several others. There is a marketing trend in Clarkes Company.

The consumers keep on changing their experiences in shopping. The in-store, as well as experience, is done online line, increasingly becomes blurred in the course of the advancement of technology. Examples of the way people shop today include window shopping with friends at the Clarkes shops, strolling towards busy streets while peeping through the Clarkes shops and also going through the internet in search of Clarkes products. This is a call for the Clarkes retailers to embrace the change and advancement of technology to suit their potential customers. Obtaining relevant information is the key to attain the desires of consumers.

Consumers tend to choose a certain Clarkes store as a result of digging through some information thoroughly on the products they expect. Ones they enter a certain store, they behave as though they have more knowledge on the Clarkes than the person in charge. Due to this behavior, the salesperson should be very knowledgeable about the commodities he is selling. This is because he should expect to be asked questions concerning the Clarkes.

Providing overlooked insights will even improve the perception of the customer better. The common impulse buying that affected several buyers is going down gradually. This is due to the confirming of the buying items through advanced technological phones is currently on the increase. Most customers use their mobile phones to check out on the list of items, as well as the exact type of product they prefer. They also compare the prices with other companies offering the same type of products. Consumers then try to figure out if the listed price on the product is worth the price and if it is possible to get a similar commodity at a lower price quoted elsewhere (Green, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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