Essays on Possible Strategic Choices for Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Study

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The paper "Possible Strategic Choices for Samsung Galaxy S4" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone manufactured by the Samsung Company. The company’ s product has attracted many customers in the market enabling the company to realize a large sales volume within a short period. The smartphone from Samsung Company is currently dominating the entire android market globally. This paper will focus on various strаtеgiс сhоiсеs for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is vital for maintaining соmреtitivе аdvаntаgе in shаkеоut, mature and dесlining markets.

It is essential to analyze these strategies because the company requires them to survive the galaxy through its life cycle, and also through the stiff competition in the market.   Introduction A business faces various challenges trying to maintain соmреtitivе аdvаntаgе in various stages of a product when going through their life cycle. Any product must go through various stages starting from introduction to declining stages. To understand this concept, this paper will analyze the Lifecycle of a Samsung Galaxy S4 on the market. It will explain factors that need to be done in order to maintain the product’ s competitiveness in the shakeout, mature and declining market. Main Body Product life cycle The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently in the maturity stage of its Lifecycle.

The product is in high demand though there is a risk of competition from the new smartphones that were introduced recently. The manager of Samsung Company has recently announced the highest profit is this product line. It is essential for the entire management to use the following strategies to ensure that the Samsung galaxy remains on the market despite high competition. New Market Entry Follower The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a follower.

The company, therefore, has strategies well so that they can produce quality galaxy that can satisfy the customers’ needs. Apple Company was the first company to launch smartphones in the market becoming a market leader. There are also various strategies used by the Samsung Company when attacking the competitors in the market. These strategies comprise of offering lower prices for the products in the market, improving services and offering discounts. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone with unique features (Bastien and Kapferer, 2013). According to Theodore Levitt in his article named innovative imitation, he believes that imitating a follower is much profitable as a product innovation strategy.

Other researchers believe that the strategies that work best for the followers are as follows Counterfeiter- this is considered illegal Cloner Imitator e. g. Samsung smartphones imitate the style of apple phones Adaptors Samsung Company uses all these strategies to ensure that they gain a competitive advantage in the market and at the same time they struggle to win customer loyalty. The key strategy they use is to satisfy customers. It is essential to living customers when they are satisfied so that they can offer a word of mouth to other potential customers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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