Essays on Hertzberg's Theory of Motivation Assignment

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The paper "Hertzberg's Theory of Motivation" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. I tend to agree with Prof. Malik’ s views on objectives and planning. Objectives are paramount for assessing performance in a manner that one can identify potential problems, mistakes, or challenges. This means that having objectives ensures optimal performance based on how well the identified objectives are achieved. Nonetheless, each idea or task must be undertaken through an open-mind rather than planning for the whole mechanization or a systematic flow of actions to get the task done.

According to Malik (2013), it is important to set a few objects or goals that are large. Having fewer, but large goals help people to perform better. Another major idea that is clear in this activity is that objectives should not be ranked and focused on based on priority as Malik recommends that the first objectives should always be achieved firstly as the other follows (Malik, 2013). Objectives should also be measured but in terms of value rather than money or profits. Nonetheless, the most important objectives for successful companies are less measurable or quantifiable.

Lastly, the idea of management by objectives should consider which objectives have to be done away with in order to encourage creativity for new ideas Section II: My own personal experience in business school is based the ideas illustrated in this activity. I have been faced with numerous tasks in my life at school and outside school. This has prompted me to apply planning as well as setting objectives. I once set numerous goals on how to study and work at the time to meet the financial needs for paying my tuition as part of developing my overall ability for responsibility.

Again, I can also apply the ideas from this activity to a company that I well know. I know of my small business of selling burgers in my hometown. The owner is a close friend of my dad and always offered me increased insights on management while I worked there over the holidays. The owner was also the manager and illustrated different styles of management including management by objectives. Overall, the idea of planning and objectives is of increased relevance.

The fewer the objectives and the larger they are, the better people are able to perform and get the desired results. Any company or manager looking to illustrate responsible management should not measure objectives based on profits or finances, but the intangible value that comes with achieving the objective.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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