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The paper "Virtual Community Impact on Social Media" is a great example of marketing coursework.   The current trends that have led to the increased usage of the blogs as a medium of product promotion have been reflected in the increased rise in business markets and a commensurate rise in the number of consumers with preference to the aforementioned product. Major companies have resorted to this medium due to the increased number of online users thus the need to tap the increasing numbers and transform them into potential customers (Wymer & Marshment, 2012).

However, there are no major regulatory measures that put into account the responses and post by individuals concerning their perception towards a product or a service that is being promoted online. This, therefore, presents a loop through which the online medium can be manipulated in favor of the advertising company or to its disadvantage by the competing firms. The perception of online users plays a key role in determining whether the objective of advertisement to a business company is met or not achieved. This follows the realization by the advertising firms of the negative comments the users of their products or the opinion of the general public including those who have never had an experience with the product.

The negative comments thy leave would be used as the ideal information by the users who could serve as potential consumers of the product. The solution to this is the creation of a virtual business community including a deal between companies dealing in both similar products and those dealing in completely different products. This is more of a shield to both the companies that are assured of mutual accommodation as a means of influencing the larger community of online users.

This strengthens the virtual groups who are also able to share ideas and shield the loops that might be used to the disadvantage of the individual companies (Munge, 2007). This would also to an extent have a broad base of users and the group that is well acquainted with the product thus bale top blog for the advertising company and stand in their defence. Literature Review The interpersonal ties that exist between companies and their interested partners have led to the creation of an environment that is able to influence consumer perception towards the product (Harris & Mongiello, 2006).

Numerous tags about a product attract more first time users or people with little knowledge of the product thus the company is, therefore, able to make more profit through their online sale. (Hunt, 1991) follows that the consumers are more aligned to the opinion of the other users with regarding their experience rather than the opinion of the advertising company that is mostly considered as a luring strategy to get more customers purchasing a product. Key points and impacts for the Australian businesses As much as online usage has been on the rise and the bets medium therefore to advertise a company’ s product, the Australian business managers should be cautious enough of the negative mined individuals who would work against them by presenting their businesses negatively.

There is, therefore, a need for the Australian businesses to embrace the need for networks of bloggers to assist different businesses to advertise their products and that would translate to commensurate returns from the sales.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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